Endless Wait for the 12th Class Result 2021

Students were waiting for the announcement of 12th class result 2021 very eagerly. Different sources including national media had announced the result date for 12th class as 01 September. But All Punjab BISEs did not pay any attention to these news. They did not even denied these news sources.

12th Class Result 2021 and the Students

As we know students after their inter result. get admission in to different universities. During the admission process they have to choose the major for them. This major decides their future. Students at this time felt very concious and it is natural. The announcement of result dates disturb them well. As most of the students are preparing for MDCAT and USAT, they can’t bear such a fake news. All Punjab Boards should immediately announce the date of 12th Class Result 2021 and the Students.

Why Inter result is very crucial for any student?

Mostly. the students want to become a doctor or engineer in Pakistan. The inter result of these students decide their fate and future. That’s the reason Inter result is very important and crucial for the students. They are waiting so hard for it. Every student is searching on google, ” 12th Class Result 2021“.

ؑEndless Wait for the 12th Class Result 2021

What Should the Student’s need to do now?

It’s my personal suggestion for the students who are preparing for MDCAT 2021 that stop waiting for result. Result will come at its time and boards will announce the date soon. Just be focused on the preparation of your entrance exam as it will also decide your entry to the university.

HEC USAT Test and 12th Class Result 2021

HEC USAT 2021 is also a major issue for many students as they were not ready for it. They are also looking for the 12th class result to see the admission ads of the universities. Universites will publish their admission ads after the annoucement of inter result 2021.

If you’re facing the same problem or anyother just add a comment below, So we can discuss it too. Thanks!

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