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11,000 Scientists Around The World Sign The Global Climate Emergency Message

In this letter, he proposes to impose a global climate emergency, namely, a global climate emergency. The message says that if we humans do not make lasting and profound changes in our way of life, then soon the whole of humanity will face irreparable human suffering and problems. Although decades have been spent on pollution and climate change by experts, they are not being taken seriously in public circles. Now 11,000 experts from 150 countries have tried to revive the influential circles in their letter to the world.

University of Sydney environmentalist Thomas Neusam is also one of those experts, and he says that all scientists have a moral obligation to warn the world of the dangers. Now we have reached the point that we should impose a Client Emergency.
Experts wrote a similar letter two years ago, and now Thomas and his colleagues have written another message. Which has been said This research paper provides a thorough review of energy use, ground surface temperature, population, deforestation, melting ice, and carbon dioxide emissions.

The essence of the thesis is that the climate crisis has now arrived and is rapidly increasing. That is where man’s destiny is connected. On the one hand, the population of the planet is growing at 80 million every year and resources on the other are rapidly depleting. Experts have called for working on fuel or fossil fuel reduction and carbon dioxide absorption systems. People have been asked to help control the population and increase plant nutrients.

This research has been published in the journal Bioscience.

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