155 Years Down The Drain- Imported VC and its severe victimization

It was October 24, 2019, when Prof. Asghar Zaidi, a Dutch national has been appointed the Vice-Chancellor (VC) of the Government College University (GCU) Lahore in this great institute of immense legacy. One wonders how his suitability was gauged for this unique seat of learning when Prof. Zaidi has never headed a single department during his whole career. Like our former prime minister, Mr Shaukat Aziz, this imported VC has never ever worked in the any university of Pakistan and compromised his nationality indicated his little faith on his, own country of birth, Pakistan.

It is yet to explore that why he has short stays in all of the countries Prof. Zaidi claimed to be served till now. Soon after his joining he started severe victimization and harassment in the varsity and removed majority of administrative heads including Registrar, Controller of Examinations, Director Facilities, Director ORIC, Director Sports and Campus Engineer. Circle of his severe victimization and harassment within a week was then extended to academic heads. In this regard, Chairperson Geography, Chairperson SDSC, Philosophy, and Chairperson Psychology have been publicly humiliated before their removal. and In his first month, he has successfully converted this unique institute purely into a torture cell. What you can expect more from a mentally imbalanced person having severe life complexes.

Due to absolute unawareness of the administrative responsibilities, he started enacting illegal probe committees and dozens and dozens of faculty member and administrative have been victimized and forced to leave GCU where they served for more than a decade. He is now leading this institute with a bunch of visiting faculty members ignoring all the academic and administrative heads that is also against the Act/ Statutes of GCU. He has little interest in running this university rather through his media articles he expressed his strong inclination for the role of Higher Education Advisor, Punjab as its currently being led by a young minister.

GCU is currently being co- led by the Treasurer, Mr. Abid Shahzad, who has this as a temporary additional charge as recently he got prompted from Deputy Treasurer and is the main character in the mega corruption scandals including Abdus Salam School of Mathematics ghost faculty case. This pairing is natural to conceal the financial embezzlement going on in the university. All the engineering works are being headed by the Treasurer and a visiting faculty member without taking on board the Campus Engineer. As a consequence, financial purchases in last few months are being done by violating PPRA rules.

His personal interests supersede GCU’s and the classic case example is of his current illegal on campus residence that have been purposely built for Day Care Centre and was operational as Day Care Centre before his arrival. On the other side he is least bothered about the salaries of contract faculty members during this pandemic that are pending for months. Conveyance and medical allowance has been illegally deduced from the salaries of both regular and contractual employees serving in the GCU.

There is a lot of hue and cry within GCU and employees are looking for mercy from the skies. A lot of articles have been written in the daily newspapers both by the GCU employees and the Old ravians. Several applications have been forwarded to the Syndicate and higher forums but all in vain so far. Public protest is now being planned by the employees of GCU to get rid of this incompetent VC. It’s now up to the concerned circles to take immediate action against this narcissist VC and save GCU.

Writer: Azeem Butt

Court Reporter, Investigative Journalist

Disclaimer: is sharing the views of the writer under the law of freedom of speech. Our policy does not necessarily reflect the views of this blogger.

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  1. Fake Article written for Attention!

    All Ravians and concerned shouldn’t take any notice. The allegations against the Vice Chancellor are totally wrong.

    Ask the Students, they will tell you whether GCU is improving or not.

  2. What a bunch of distorted facts and baseless lies!
    The blog seems to have been written on the base of a recently printed op-ed, copying even phrases from it.
    The appointment of the VC of GCU is made through a transparent process and is done by a panel of very distinguished and well educated people. And throughout the article despite the author being an “investigative journalist” the reader finds no proof of any embezzlement or inefficiency by the newly appointed VC or his staff. No wonder that no one in any responsible position of authority is paying heed to the false accusations.

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