16000 Teachers Jobs Through PPSC 2022

The summary for the recruitment of 16000 teachers jobs in the province has been completed by the School Education Department.

The summary has been sent to Chief Minister Usman Bazdar for his approval. The Punjab Public Service Commission (PPSC) would be in charge of the recruiting. The Punjab government had previously promised the hiring of 33 thousand teachers, however only 16000 would be employed in the first phase.

The Punjab administration has agreed in principle to recruit for one lakh positions in government ministries, according to the Chief Minister. Salary payments should not be delayed. Hassan Khawar, a spokesman for the Punjab government, told the media that the first round of recruitment for the school education department filled 16 thousand openings out of a total of 33 thousand vacancies.

Teachers for grades 14 to 16 will be sought, according to the information. During the initial stage. The Punjab Public Service Commission is expected to launch the recruiting process shortly, with adverts appearing in major media. PPSC will receive the applications. There will be a test and an interview, and a stringent merit policy will be followed. It is important to note that schools in Punjab are experiencing a severe teacher shortage, and the government has planned to employ School Teaching Interns to help alleviate the dearth of teaching personnel in the schools.

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