5 Best Degrees to secure Easy Student Visa for UK

In response to the significant employment shortage encountered across numerous sectors in the UK, 5 Best Degrees to secure Easy Student Visa for UK for Pakistani Students which poses a dual challenge for both the economy and the workforce, Raabta has compiled a list of academic degrees that may assist in addressing this issue.

Raabta revealed a list of top academic degrees that are well-positioned to meet market demand and address the shortage in the UK, based primarily on factors such as job skill requirements (which are aligned with the degree) and degrees typically held by professionals currently employed in the respective professions.

5 Best Degrees to secure Easy Student Visa for UK

The research contains information such as appropriate Academic Degrees, Number of Job Openings, and Hourly Wages connected with some of the Shortage Occupations in the UK.

The following are the top academic degrees connected Easy Student Visa for UK

  • Degrees in Healthcare

According to the National Careers Service, job growth in this industry is expected to be 6.2% by 2027, resulting in 4,300 new positions. With 48.5% of the workforce expected to retire during the same time period, there will be 33,400 openings available. Healthcare degrees in the United Kingdom provide potential job opportunities, particularly in nursing, general practise, and healthcare assisting.

  • Engineering Diplomas

The engineering field in the United Kingdom is experiencing a substantial lack of experienced experts, resulting in a large excess of job openings that exceeds 173,000.

  • Degrees in Science (Biological Scientists & Biochemists)

This particular sector is expected to develop by 4.2% by 2027, producing roughly 4,500 new job opportunities.

  • Degrees in Architecture

By 2027, the sector is predicted to see a 4.3% increase in job possibilities, resulting in approximately 2,900 new job opportunities.

  • Degrees in Computer Science

The field of computer science in the United Kingdom is predicted to expand, particularly in programming and software development. It is expected that by 2027, demand will have increased, resulting in around 12,500 new job openings (a 4.2% increase in job growth).

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