50 things to do before the age of 50

Life is the most precious and precious gift given to man by God, the Lord of Glory, and it is man’s responsibility to protect and use it properly. As soon as man comes into the world, he is surrounded by dreams and desires.

Childhood and adolescence are spent under the wishes and aspirations of parents and other relatives. In adolescence, when his mental and physical abilities are at their peak, he is motivated to make his dreams come true and then fulfill them. He wants to achieve every success and rise in his footsteps. His eyes are on the sky and his footsteps are on the ground, trying to cover this distance.

As he ages and enters the age of mental maturity, he realizes that the things and goals he has been devoting his energy to so far have been nothing. Life is much more than that and a valuable asset that needs to be spent wisely. He then realizes that he has been unaware of many of the things he should have done before he reached that age. Wise people set their goals and then try to achieve them and live a purposeful life.
Experts believe that you should achieve your goals before you reach the age of fifty. Come on! Make a list of the 50 things you should do before you reach the age of fifty:

1. Gain a basic knowledge of religion: Whatever religion you belong to, it is important that you master the basic sciences so that you can not only understand the spirit of the religion but also follow the religious precepts correctly. Be able to Read your religious book with understanding so that you can know what message Allah Almighty has sent through it.

2. Use a passport: Most of us can get a passport but we don’t use it except to go for religious duty, although travel is called Wasila Zafar and you learn a lot from traveling. So make the necessary plans to go to the places of your choice, get out of your home, city and country and you will have new doors of knowledge and awareness.

3. Write a will: We know this world is temporary and one day we will have to leave. Acknowledge this fact and make a written decision on the proper distribution of your assets so that there is no misunderstanding among your heirs after you leave. Make it a habit to keep a written record of your transactions so that you do not have to worry about it tomorrow.

4. Learn to love: It is not difficult to hate but it makes your life difficult. So learn to love people. Get into the habit of loving people around you, not just your family. Love not only makes your life easier but also spreads peace and happiness in the society, so open your heart for love.

5. Plan for life after retirement: If you have a job, think about life after retirement. Plan to do things you couldn’t do because of your busy schedule. If you are not a job seeker, but still think of doing something special in terms of living beyond the age of sixty, after retiring from household responsibilities, you can do the work of your choice by first engaging in various household chores. Could not because

6. Write an essay: Each of us has some kind of creative ability, know this ability and write an essay on any topic of your interest. Even if you don’t publish the article anywhere, writing will calm you down. Reading your writing will make you feel refreshed.

7. Get therapy: People suffering from various physical, mental and psychological disorders can only get relief by taking expert counseling and guidance sessions. Even if you are not suffering from any disease, taking therapy from time to time can be useful for you, even if the therapy is not only related to physical beauty, but it will also help your mental and psychological well-being.

8. Raise Animals or Birds: If you are interested in animals or birds, make arrangements to raise them at home. Eating them, engaging in health and hygiene matters will make your time meaningful. If you do not have adequate space in the house for raising animals or birds, you must arrange grain and water for the birds outside the house or on the roof, especially in the summer season.

9. Do social work: Take time out of your busy schedule to participate in social work. Spend time in old homes, go to the hospital and work, take care of the elderly and sick people in the neighborhood, offer to bring their rations and other necessities from the market.

10. Restore old relationships: People who have been with you in some part of your life and have become estranged from you due to the passage of time, try to bridge those estuaries. Find your school classmates, childhood friends, nowadays there are so many social networking forums that finding calves is not a difficult task. Bring your loved ones back to life using these connections. Childhood friendships are selfless, incorporate these selfless relationships into your life.

11. Visit popular landmarks: No matter how busy your life is, make it a point to have fun. Worthy of the country Make a list of places to visit, take a walk whenever you can get a few vacations. A trip to a variety of recreational places with family will help keep you refreshed for a long time.

12 Go to the library regularly: There is no better friend than books, a good book has the potential to change thinking and behavior. Subscribe to your nearest library, make it a habit to spend time with books, even weekly.

13. Offer services in national elections: Elections are needed to establish a system of government in any country, it is a very busy season in the country. Many helpers are needed in this regard. If you have time, offer your services for a responsibility according to your ability.

14. Learn a skill of your choice: Skilled people are always needed in every society. They are valued in society. Skills also increase confidence. Be sure to learn some skills, whether it’s learning a new cooking technique, learning to drive or any other job that makes you happy.

15. Gardening: If there is even a small amount of space available in your home, grow different flowers and plants on it. Take care of them, water them, fertilize them and do the weeding yourself. You can also grow the small vegetables you need in this garden. Remember that gardening is one of the things that is close to nature. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a suitable place to garden, there are lots of plants and flowers, even vegetables that can be grown in pots.

16. Learn to forgive people: Every one of us makes mistakes and we abuse others. In the same way, sometimes it happens to us by our family, friends or acquaintances, it is a part of life. So show generosity on any such occasion and forgive the abuser. This will not only make him regret his abuse, but forgiving him will also lighten your heart and mind.

17. Learn to enjoy loneliness: Man is called a social animal because he is happy in the crowd and is afraid of loneliness. Loneliness is not something to worry about. Loneliness provides an opportunity to talk to yourself and to God. Instead of being afraid of loneliness, make it a habit to spend some time alone with yourself. Sit alone and meditate, leave the mind calm and give yourself a chance to enjoy yourself.

18. Mountaineering: If you have mountain ranges in your country, head to these mountains. The mountains are a sign of God’s power on this earth. The feeling of awe that arises in your heart when you see them, goes away from climbing them, and the intense feeling of being your noble creatures is that Allah Almighty has subjugated such seemingly large bodies for man. Has given

19. Learn to play an instrument: If you are interested in music or musical instruments, then you must learn to play an instrument of your choice. Learning anything new and interesting enhances your personality, you must bring this refinement in yourself.

20. Change your eating habits: Everyone likes your favorite food, so why not eat things you don’t like much, try to change your eating habits and sometimes a lot more? Eating foods you don’t like can also lead to positive thinking.

21. Write a poem: Poetry is not a profession that only certain people can do, you can also express your feelings in the form of a poem.

22. Take aviation training: If you have a tendency, take aviation training. Rising from the ground like a bird is a fun experience that you must do at least once.

23. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes: As long as you are afraid of making mistakes, you will never be able to do something good and bold. Explain to yourself that mistakes also happen to human beings. Don’t limit.

24. Write a love letter: Don’t keep your feelings for your loved ones hidden in your heart, but let them know. If it seems difficult to express in words, tell them in writing, those who are loved, they have the right to be made aware of this emotion.

25. Check your bank account from time to time: Be aware of your bank account details to avoid any fraud. In your mobile phone, you can review your account-related matters from home with the relevant bank application.

26. Get in the habit of walking: Set aside some time for walking during the day and night. Go to a park near your home or indoors, but take some time to take a walk.

27. Create a budget: A balance between income and expenditure can only be maintained if you budget and spend accordingly. It is not difficult to create a budget, it is very difficult to control the expenses, but with a few months of continuous effort, you can overcome this difficulty.

28. Organize your wardrobe: The wardrobes of people who seem to be very organized are not organized, or even if they are, they are scattered again in a few days. Start arranging your wardrobe, this will help you to be an organized person.

29. Learn to cook with the ingredients available at home: If you ever have a situation like this Faced with the fact that you can’t even order something from outside and have to serve food to guests, instead of worrying about such an occasion, you can also make a lot of food from the items available in the home fridge or blessing box. It’s just a matter of controlling your senses.

30. Watch theater shows: Local artists keep the theater alive in every city. If the theater in your city is doing a play, go see it, the theater seems to be connected to reality. Because there is no screen between the artists and you. You are directly enjoying their acting and this thing affects you.

31. Learn the art of apologizing: Every one of us gets abused or deprived of our rights with each other. It is a good person to realize his mistake, be ashamed of it and apologize. Apologizing is an act that enhances your human dignity.

32. Visit local fairs: Cities and villages host fairs as soon as spring begins, with food stalls, swings and a variety of entertainment items. You must visit these fairs. It is beneficial for mental health to visit such places.

33. Spend time with the elderly: If you have elderly people in your home, you are more fortunate than anyone else to have a wealth of wisdom available to you in the form of elders, spend as much time with them as possible and Use the experience.

34. Learn to use technology: This is the age of the rise of technology, it is important to keep up with this fast-paced age so that you become familiar with the use of modern technology and do not feel inferior.

35. Mandatory nap: If you study Islamic teachings, the religion has laid down the rules of life, emphasizing at least half an hour of rest after lunch. Today’s world is convinced of its importance and usefulness by calling it Power Nap. Set aside half an hour a day for this energy-boosting sleep.

36. Learn about poisonous plants and animals: There are so many animals and plants in this colorful universe that just touching them kills an animal. To protect yourself and your loved ones from any such harm, it is important that you identify poisonous plants and animals and know their properties.

37. Remember the names of people: Forgetting the names of people has a very bad effect on your personality. Try to remember the names of those you met once or at least once.

38. Learn a new language: Learning new languages ​​not only nourishes your personality but also your mental abilities, so try to learn a new language.

39. Study of cultures: Every region and country has different customs, dress and customs. Studying these will not only increase your knowledge but you will also be aware of different cultures.

40. Play a sport: Exercise is very important to maintain physical health, play a sport of your choice on a daily basis that helps your physical health.

41. Travel to the sea: Allah Almighty has not only spread the creatures in this universe above the earth, but also under the water inhabited the world of marine life, to see this unique world must go on a sea voyage.

42. Weight control: Periodic weight gain can invite many diseases, if you want to stay healthy, do not let your weight get out of control.

43. Experience of picking fruits from trees: If you are a resident of an agricultural area, then picking fruits from trees with your own hands, this work will bring you invaluable spiritual happiness. Even if there is no agricultural area, you can pick any fruit around the house with your own hands.

44. Catch fish: Try fishing one day. Waiting for a prey to be caught with a string would be a great experience.

45. Attend religious gatherings: Regularly attend religious gatherings of any religion, regardless of your faith, as this will enlighten you spiritually.

46. Study biographies: It is a very interesting and useful process to know the living conditions of different people. Make it a habit to read biographies so that you can learn something new.

47. Spend time with children: Children are the most beautiful creatures in the universe, spending time with them removes your worries and sorrows, so spend some time in the day with children.

48. Stay in touch with friends: The most valuable asset of a person’s life is his friends. In order to avoid losing this precious asset, it is important that you keep in touch with them. If these relationships continue to receive attention and sincerity, Live happily

49. Watch a drama of your choice: Watch a TV drama of your choice, sometimes spending time with yourself and engaging in an activity of your choice is the best therapy.

50. Get in the habit of being happy: Do not compare your life with any other person, Allah Almighty has blessed each person with His blessings in different ways, be satisfied and satisfied with what has been given to you.

Even if you manage to do 35 to 40 of these 50 tasks by the age of 50, to some extent you have paid for the blessing of life. Along with the effort, keep on reciting these Qur’anic supplications to Allah Almighty so that you can achieve your goals successfully:

Translation: O my Lord, grant me strength I thank you for the blessing you have bestowed on me and my parents, and that I may do good deeds that please you and make my children good. I turn to You and I am of the obedient. (Al-Ahqaf 46:15)

Author: Dr. Shaista Jabeen

Translation: Raabta

Special Thanks To: Express Urdu

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