A new jungle mode came in PUBG, know its special features

A new mode has been added to PUBG Mobile today. The name of this new mode is Jungle Adventure. The tease picture of this new mode states that Discover The Jungle’s Hidden Power. This means discovering the hidden power of the forest. After reading this, it seems that in this mode, the players playing PUBG will have to roam in the jungle and find the hidden power there.

New feature of Jungle Adventure mode

Totems: – In this new mode Totems gives different blessings to players. There are three types of totems. This includes Power Totems, Strategy Totems, and Protection Totems. With the help of these totems, gamers can use their helmets and vests to fix. Apart from this, gamers can also restore their energy and health.

Jungle Food: Players who drop in the jungle of Sanhawk while playing PUBG will also get special fruits. Players can also experience misting effects by eating these fruits. Remember that these effects can also be positive and negative.

Hot Air Balloons: – This will be a vehicle with the help of which players will be able to survey the battlefield. Let us know that this new Jungle Adventure Mode has been made live. If the Sanhok Map is not already downloaded in your phone, then you will get to see the map from the classic section by going to the map selection screen. The size of this update is 142 MB. Jungle adventure mode is available with this update, after which you can enjoy a lot of fun games.

New and good news has emerged for PUBG mobile game players. Gamers playing PUBG mobile games can soon get new maps, new weapons and a new car in this game. A new classic map has been seen in the beta version of this game. The name of this map is Forex.  

It has been introduced in the beta version called Secret map. Let us know that PUBG Mobile has released tees on Twitter. Along with this, 4 different areas of the map have also been shown in some postcards, which shows that a new map is coming in PUBG Mobile.

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