A place on earth where life cannot possibly exist

Paris: According to our information so far, the Earth is the only planet where life is not only present but in every case of countless species, spreads everywhere… from tropical deserts to dark depths of the ocean. But now scientists say they have found a place on Earth where no known form of life can neither exist nor rise.

This place is a region called “Danakil Depression” in Ethiopia, where underground volcanoes always find extremely hot ponds. But besides the intense heat here, there are other reasons for not having a life.
The water of these ponds looks very beautiful from far away, whose colour is green or green, somewhere yellow, somewhere orange or brown. But despite such beauty, these hot ponds are extremely acidic and full of acute saltwater; and for that reason, no form of life can flourish here.

It should be noted that such creatures, even in the most inappropriate situations, are called “extremophiles” in the language of science, indicating that they are capable of surviving even in the most extreme environments. Some organisms belonging to extremophiles survive and thrive under conditions such as extreme cold, extreme heat, intense salt, acute acidity, and severe oxygen shortages.

Their scientific study is of special importance because through extremophiles we can better understand not only the factors of life but also some of their most important properties for the good of humanity.

Under the same thinking, in the past, various scientific campaigns have been sent to various areas in the field of intellectual depression. The results of such a research campaign were published in May’s “Nature Scientific Reports” this year, claiming that some very short microscopic organisms were found here in acid and poisonous ponds that appeared to be life-threatening. Whose size are only a few nanometers?

Now, experts in Spain and France have once again reviewed the place and rejected the previous claim. Research published in the latest issue of the research journal “Nature Ecology and Evolution” reveals that the things the previous research team considered nanomaterial “living” were not mere mortals, but misunderstandings. ۔

The new study is much more detailed than previous research, which uses a variety of sensitivity techniques to detect life, which deals with the fields of biology, chemistry, biochemistry, physics, biophysics, and geology. ۔ From 2016 to 2018, the research team collected samples from various locations of the depression and then analyzed them very closely through different techniques.

Although some microbes must have been found around these ponds, they have arrived because of tourists. That is, they did not grow in the ponds but were brought here from somewhere else.

The same research paper also states that what was considered “living” in the past are molecules that are excluded from microbes, but the process of any organism in their formation. Rather than an intrusion, they are caused by the chemical reactions (chemical reactions) in the earth’s intrinsic saline and acidic waters that have nothing to do with any organism.

Further details, not only the general salt in these ponds but also the magnesium salts are available in sufficient quantities, enough to destroy and destroy any cell. Although new research evidence is significant living, the team that claims to have survived in these ponds of intellectual depression in the past research has established itself. Again, the need for more sensitive and undeniable analysis is being emphasized. Now it remains to be seen whether any future research will prove or disprove the old claims.

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Naeem Ur Rehman

Pakistan's youngest blogger and the CEO of He is currently the student of BS Environmental Sciences at University of the Punjab, Lahore. He is also working as a senior advisor to, Mukaalma, and Pylon TV.
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