A possibility of resumption of suspended Pak-India trade relations

ISLAMABAD: Suspended Pak-India trade relations are likely to be restored.

The Cabinet Economic Co-ordination Committee will today review the 21-point agenda, including importing sugar and cotton from India. After Hafeez Sheikh, the government has appointed Finance Minister Hammad Azhar as the head of the Cabinet Economic Coordination Committee and Hammad Azhar will preside over the first meeting of the Cabinet Economic Coordination Committee today as Finance Minister. The meeting will consider a 21-point agenda.

According to sources, a summary of permission for import of cotton from India will be presented in the meeting while a summary of import of sugar from India will also be presented for approval and Pak-India trade relations will be restored.
Sources said that the Strategic Trade Policy Framework 25-2020 will be considered. According to sources, a summary will be presented for the registration of Pink Rock Salt’s geographical rights, while a grant of Rs.2 billion is expected to be approved for the Prime Minister’s low-cost housing scheme.

In addition, a summary of the reorganization of the PIA will be presented. According to sources, the summary of the technical grant of the Ministry of Petroleum is expected to be approved. In addition, the summaries presented at today’s ECC meeting include summaries of grants from the Ministry of Education, including scholarships for community schools and students to restore Pak-India trade relations.

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