Accused of selling PPSC papers arrested

LAHORE: Punjab Public Service Commission (PPSC) suspects have been arrested.

The Director Anti-Corruption Vigilance while giving a press conference said that the accused are employees and students of Civil Secretariat and Punjab Public Service Commission who were arrested in a sting operation. The accused were arrested while leaking the paper of Tehsildar.

Director Vigilance Abdul Salam Arif said that the accused were demanding Rs. 15 lakh for a Tehsildar’s paper. A deal was struck for Rs. 8 lakh. , Lecturer, anti-corruption officers confessed to selling papers.

An employee of the Public Service Commission would keep the paper in USB. The accused would take the students to a new place to leak each paper and take them to a secret location and tell the students the answers to the paper. Gohar Ali, Mazhar Abbas are included.

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