Age-defying Vera Wang shares her secrets as she looks 20 to 70-year-old

Design legend Vera Wang unveiled her secret to eternal youth after a picture of her almost ageless body had gone viral.

The 71-year-old made waves around the world when she shared a photo in an orange sports bra—showing an impressive body that could easily be mistaken for the 20-year-old.

Wang told People that she was “totally surprised” by the viral response to the photograph, after she had made a career out of “putting women (she) wears in front of her.”

“I always thought of myself as someone who, in all honesty, was the maker and not the subject,” she said.

Yet her secrets of vitality—and a six pack—towards the last years of her life sound too plain to be real.

The designer said she was taking part in a rather “sporadic” workout now but she credited her toned physics to “muscle memory” following years of becoming an elite athlete.

“I was a professional skater in the United States and a dancer at the Balanchine Academy of American Ballet. It’s kind of going to stick with you,” she said.

“Sleep is the secret to… I don’t think I could exist if I hadn’t been able to sleep… And of course, whisky.

“I know, it’s just too nice to be able to relax with a drink.”

Wang posted another age-defying snap in June to mark her 71st birthday.

The fashion designer posted a snapshot with her 400,000 followers on Instagram ahead of the big day, flaunting her body and athletic wear.

“PRIDE Exercise,” she said.

She was wearing a bright LGBTQI+ influenced manicure, an Adidas tank top, green Balenciaga leggings and a pair of her own brand aviator sunglasses.

Fans also reflected on Wang’s youthful look.

“I’ve come to know that Vera Wang is definitely the most trendy and cool person ever,” he said.

“You look like a child of 20 years! Hope one day you’ll write a book about your life, and it’ll become the bestseller in the world,” another exclaimed.

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