All Pakistan Colleges and Academies Association announces the reopening of colleges

All Pakistan Colleges and Academies have announced the re-opening of colleges throughout the country. The meeting was held to discuss the state of coronavirus and to review the proposal to reopen the institutions. The authorities have agreed that the colleges will resume their academic operations as of 1 January 2021. The President of the APCAA claimed that, as a result of the closing of academic schools, students had to face educational losses. In addition, the founders of private schools are still struggling as the institutes have been shut down. The association added that the institutes should be reopened now, when anything else is still available, so that there is no reason to place the future of the students at a disadvantage. Previously, a nationwide lockout was imposed in March, and educational institutions stayed closed for almost six months. At present, however, students have not been able to afford further disruption to the research and exam timetable.

Reopening of Colleges

The President added that the institutes would be reopened with the full enforcement of the normal operating procedures. In addition, the authorities will ensure that there is no infringement of the SOPs conceived by the government in the colleges of Pakistan. The APCCA has urged the government to rethink the decision to shift the electrical links of private institutions from residential to industrial.

Decision of the Ministers for Education

The Inter-Provincial Ministers of Education conference was held earlier in November, when Federal Minister of Education Shafqat Mahmood declared the closing of schools, colleges, universities, colleges and seminaries throughout the region. According to the directions announced, the educational institutions will remain closed from 23 November 2020 to 10 January 2021. Students will take classes online until December 24th, and then the winter break will begin. The decision to prolong and reopen the closure of the institutions will be taken in the first week of January after analysing the condition of the coronavirus pandemic.

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