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Amazon reduces commission rates for Amazon affiliate program

On Tuesday, Amazon issues a statement to members of Amazon affiliate program that it is going to reduce the commission for affiliates. The new rates will take place starting April 21. These rates are cut for a number of product classes. Now for many categories, the affiliate cut has been slashed considerably.

Amazon’s affiliate program has been a one-stop source of revenue for many member marketers all over the world. The program has also assisted in increasing the sales of the business over the years, making Jeff Bezos the wealthiest man on earth. Members used to promote Amazon products to generate sales and get a percentage of commission of the sale.

Not just individuals, many big online companies sites were leveraging from Amazon’s lucrative affiliate offer. The websites such as The New York Times, Vox Media publish buying guides that direct traffic to the Amazon website as an affiliate partner.

Rates have been cut for many categories of Amazon Affiliates

The affiliate percentage of sales from home improvement, furniture products has fallen to 3% from 8%. The commission percentage for grocery products has fallen to 1% only from 5%, CNBC reports.

COVID-19 Lab by Amazon Affiliates

Amazon who has been hurt the worst due to the coronavirus epidemic and also made a lot of criticism in the regard of not taking care of his own employees have decided to set up its very own COVID-19 test lab purpose to do regular testing of employees and hopes it is worth regardless the cost. As most of the readers know by now that the testing ratio for USA states is very low to non-existent. Many organizations are reporting that the testing kits are of low value. This and many other factors have prompted Amazon to take matters into their own hands in the process of taking care of its employees.

Amazon has more than 150+ sites across the world and is in the process of providing its front line staff with masks and conducting health checks. The company believes that the US government failed to asses the pandemic and its company’s job to make sure its front line employees get the best care possible. They also believe that regular testing will enable to combat of the epidemic which in return helps amazon keep people safe.

The amazon team comprises of researchers as well scientists and are in the process of hiring program specialists who can create distinct models which can help in fighting the virus

Amazon believes that regular testing is the key, the costs are great but the rewards are uncanny. Those who test positive for the virus will be cared for and anybody who tests negative can keep working.

The United States alone has the highest death count and their epidemic response as compared to other nations was poor. For more than two months, POTUS has denied the virus and claimed to have the necessary precautions in order to fight this epidemic. Guess the irony was bittersweet as more than 20 million Americans have lost their job and the USA is now in the initial stages of the great depression 2.0.

Impact of COVID-19

Using Bing`s COVID-19 tracker you can see the damage the virus has done to the eastern as well as western hemispheres of the USA. Furthermore, NYC has been cordoned off making it look like a ghost town.

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