Anarchy will not be accepted on US roads – White House

A video was tweeted on behalf of the White House, in which the US President said that the chaos seen in the streets will not be tolerated.

Washington:  Blacks continue to show justice for justice after the death of George Floyd in America battling the Corona crisis. Violent demonstrations were also held in about 30 cities. On Friday night, hundreds of protesters gathered outside the White House in Washington, ‘The New York Times’ reported. As soon as the news of protesters gathered outside, White House security officer President Donald Trump was taken to the underground bunker. The round of demonstrations has continued in the US on Sunday and Monday as well. After which a video was tweeted on behalf of the White House, on behalf of the US President, that the chaos seen on the streets will not be tolerated.

The video tweet issued by the White House also reads, “The President has clarified that what we are seeing on the streets of America is unacceptable. Violence, looting, anarchy will not be tolerated.”The White House✔@WhiteHouse

“The President has made clear that what we are seeing on America’s streets is unacceptable. Violence, looting, anarchy, lawlessness are not to be tolerated.”

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White House

Significantly, violent demonstrations have been taking place in the US since the death of a black man George Floyd in police custody and the video of this incident went viral. A case of murder has been registered on the policeman in the case. At first, it became violent on seeing the peaceful running demonstration. Curfew has been imposed in most cities in America. The protesters have ignored President Trump’s warning. There have been clashes in many places over this matter. 

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