Discover The WordPress Attock Community Secret to Make a Living

WordPress Attock Community is setting new trends to be followed to bring a big change. There is a saying; If you aren’t happy with your current situation, CHANGE IT, simple!

While most of us are busy to find a living for ourselves, there are people who are working day-in & day-out to build communities to empower a huge number of people. They believe in;

“Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much”

–   Helen Keller

They say if you want to help someone once give him food or do a small financial help as most of us do on a daily basis by giving to a poor person begging on the roads. If you want to help many people for a bit longer time then make some source of giving for a long time; building a shelter to donating your old dresses comes under this type of help. Question is: Is there any way to help a huge number of people to bring a BIG POSITIVE CHANGE? The answer is YES! Empower others, especially focus on Women Empowerment. Once they will be empowered, empowering others will be their 24/7 job.

“Educate a boy, and you educate an individual. Educate a girl, and you educate a community.”

–   Adelaide Hoodless

Salma Noreen of Attock, Pakistan has proved this quote right and made her parents, all teachers, and institutions proud by creating a real example to be followed. She started her online career ten years ago as a freelance web developer. We all know that without any professional training and a mentor, her journey of struggling towards making a livelihood wouldn’t be easy. First-time, this world heard about her by The Express Tribune on September 21, 2013, when Salma Noreen has discovered a decent living on the Internet. In September 2017, she has joined eRozgaar, a project by Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) as a trainer and won best non-tech trainer award. Her restless soul wanted to do something more to give back to the world that empowered her. She started WordPress Attock Community to empower the people to empower others as she says: ‘Together we win’.

Salma Noreen WordPress Attock

Salma Noreen a top freelancer from Pakistan on, an amazing trainer of Content Marketing & Advertising and now became first Pakistani female leading official WordPress chapter in Pakistan

The young female community organizer is destroying stereotypes with every milestone she achieves. While answering a question about how did she plan to become an official WP community organizer by starting WordPress Attock Meetups. Especially, in her city where no other similar community exists and maybe people wouldn’t be aware of community or meetups concepts? She replied:

In September 2018, I attended WordPress Islamabad meetup as speaker and that was my first ever experience as official WP community speaker. I enjoyed hell alot but the only thing saddened me was travel issues I faced and that’s how I started thinking about other girls of my city that maybe they want to become part of such communities but due to travel issues they’re missing such learning and networking opportunities. I was equally worried about my city young males who aren’t making enough to attend such meetups in nearby cities to learn, to stay updated, or to network with like-minded people.

Salma Noreen
WordPress Attock Community

Salma Noreen Speaker at WordPress Meetup Islamabad/Rawalpindi September 2018

She shared that the idea of community building came in her mind since September 2018, right after she was traveling back to Attock from Islamabad. Till then she was totally blank that how would she manage things; the venue, the other expenses, and most importantly awareness on the importance of meetups and joining communities. She educated a small number of people to start their own blogs, websites, or an e- commerce store using WordPress. And, later these guys used online resources like youtube and udemy to enhance their knowledge before they started educating others about WordPress.

It is good for the health of the heart to reach down and lift the people up.

Naeem Ur Rehman

Salma Noreen is the first and only Pakistani female leading official chapter of WordPress in Pakistan. After getting a massive response from the WordPress community, now she is planning to bring WordCamp Attock 2020 in her city.

Wordpress Attock Community
WordPress Attock Community making W with hands to show their love for WordPress

No doubt, WordPress is changing lives around the world in various ways. WordPress Attock Community‘s main objective is to learn, share and earn from home by selling WordPress services to online clients. To stay motivated, connected and up to date with the latest WordPress technology, they schedule monthly meetups. These meetups are open for everyone and there is no age, gender, or degree restrictions. WordPress Attock meetups are free to attend and open for anyone to apply as wp meetup speaker to inspire others to share his/her success story or conduct a workshop on new wp learning/practices. or as an attendee to learn and network. The best part of this type of WordPress community meetups is that people having any skillset and belong to any technical background can attend these meetups. No matter, what your age, social or financial status, last degree/certificate as far as you love WordPress you can become part of such meetups.

After interviewing various community members of WordPress Attock, we came to know that a great number of graduates from various backgrounds having zero knowledge of computer and IT field are becoming the part of these WP meetups. Attock WordPress monthly meetups are mostly planned in Comsats University Islamabad, Attock Campus as Noreen Said:

I can’t thank enough to Comsats University Islamad, Attock Campus and eLibrary Attock for supporting us. Without these venue partners, I couldn’t even imagine these meetups.

Salma Noreen

Humaira Kanwal holding an Engineering degree is one of the pioneer members of this community. She trusted Noreen, learned WordPress basics and now running a poetry blog as a hobby. Humaira is also one of those crazy souls who can’t be selfish by keeping their knowledge limited to themselves, she is contributing back to the community to empower the youth.

Humaira Kanwal Speaker is waiting for her turn to speak on WordPress Attock Meetup

It was an amazing experience to become a part of the WordPress Attock’s community. It provided me a wonderful opportunity to learn website development without knowing any coding skills. This also made me confident to appear as a Speaker and give training on the topic: ‘On-Page SEO’.

Humaira Kanwal
WordPress Attock Community’s Secret

Humaira Kanwal – A young engineer is guiding others about on-page SEO

We got a chance to interview another member of WordPress Attock community; Muhammad Shahbaz Ali, a freelance content marketer by profession while holding a Masters degree in Public Administration. His biggest achievement because of being part of this community is that he along his team are the pioneers of launching first-ever online grocery store in Attock city. He shared they built that store using WordPress/Woocommerce.

Such Meetups provide equal opportunities and awareness to males and females to explore the skills and networking with like-minded people. WordPress Attock community is playing a vital role in Women empowerment. Females in our society are still having very limited 9 to 5 job opportunities so such meetups are the best choice for youth and specially for girls to learn the skill without having prior coding knowledge and make a respectful living from home.

Muhammad Shahbaz Ali

Another community member and a college student, Muhammad Yaldram says:

This platform enabled me to make my way in website development and falsfied my opinion that web development is all about coding.

Muhammad Yaldram

Muhammad Ibrahim of Attock shared;

WordPress meetups community empowering the youth to overcome the fear of being cheated online and guiding them to follow safety measures. As we don’t only talk about WordPress but also how we can sell WP solutions online.

Muhammad Ibrahim
WordPress Community
Salma Noreen is Speaking at WordPress Meetup Islamabad/Rawalpindi – NIC Islamabad

There are a few secrets of this fast-growing WordPress Attock community that are as follows:

Unlike big cities, Attock doesn’t have any co-working space or a space for such educational sessions, it was an issue but they are using University as the venue for most of their meetups. That worked for this community. Sooner or later university graduates will be aware of this community and will join immediately.

They are more focused to make a living from WordPress so every one of them is searching and sharing their discoveries along with learnings.

Having a female community organizer worked in a positive sense that most of the females feel comfortable because of her.

Attock youth is using their WordPress skills to make money online, this way somehow such communities will be helpful to eliminate unemployment. As they say, ‘Together we rise so high’.

This article is only for the motivation of our young generation who are upset because of the bad economic situation in the country. Now it ‘s obvious from the above-given examples that earning from the internet isn’t a lie and you don’t need to learn coding or something that isn’t easy for you. If you hadn’t selected any field yet, you can learn WordPress and start selling your services as WordPress Content creator or publisher. If you are having IT background and knowledge to code, you can easily become WordPress theme or plugin developer and can make a million-dollar product as your know a Pakistani WordPress theme developer is making by selling Avada theme on ThemeForest. There are a number of stories for daily motivation, you either can pick one to motivate you or become one for others. Anyone having the ability of reading and writing can join the internet and fulfill his/her desires. In this digital age, Pakistani women have equal work opportunities from home as males have. In this age, the Internet is making you CEO of your own life.

This step is taken by Attock’s community and can be followed throughout the country. Awareness is the only thing which can change our fate, and we people are the voice of Pakistan and can spread the message of betterment in each and every corner of our country. In this age of Social media, it is not so difficult to spread awareness, just read this post, copy the link and paste it on your timelines and get your work done. If you are skillful, then you are the right person to overcome the difficulties of our country, Stay motivated, start working in your area and change the condition of your nation. Thanks!

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Naeem Ur Rehman

Pakistan's youngest blogger and the CEO of He is currently the student of BS Environmental Sciences at University of the Punjab, Lahore. He is also working as a senior advisor to, Mukaalma, and Pylon TV.


  1. Assalam o Alikum.I live in attock.I am a college student of 2nd year and want to earn part time to make the fee of my college and then university possible.kindly help me learn freelancing.I shall be very thankful to you for this act of kindness.and yes,I think this article was for women but I am a boy

  2. sir my name is hamza
    i am new to wordpress and doing digiskills course of wordpress
    i currently live in kamra,attock
    sir can you help me find wordpress freelancer living in attock
    it will be of great help
    my wts app num is 0333-8767247

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