Beware iPhone users, Apple warns

Apple has warned iPhone users that vibration can be dangerous for the iPhone.

According to the details, the documents released by Apple for the iPhone state that the vibration caused by the motorcycle can cause technical faults in the phone.

The company says that the vibration generated by the motorcycle engine damages the phone’s “optical image stabilization” or “closed loop autofocus systems”.

According to the company, the OIS and auto-focused systems in the iPhone are designed for durability, but in consumer electronics, systems such as the OIS, if they are kept on vibration at a certain frequency for a long time, will improve their performance. Affects the quality of the video or image.

That’s why Apple has instructed its users not to attach the iPhone directly to motorcycle handles or handlebars. To avoid any kind of damage, users should place the iPhone in the vibration-absorbing mount on the handlebars or keychains.

It should be noted that even on social media, many iPhone users have complained about the damage to their phones when connected to a motorcycle.

Naeem Ur Rehman

Pakistan's youngest blogger and the CEO of He is currently the student of BS Environmental Sciences at University of the Punjab, Lahore. He is also working as a senior advisor to, Mukaalma, and Pylon TV.
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