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Birds’ biennial migrations shift ahead as climate changes

Date December 16, 2019
Source University of Massachusetts Amherst
SummaryIn what the authors believe is one of the first studies to examine climate change impact on the timing of bird migration on a continental scale, researchers report that spring migrants were likely to pass certain stops earlier now than they would have 20 years ago. Also, temperature and migration timing were closely aligned, with the greatest changes in migration timing occurring in the regions warming most rapidly. Timing shifts were less apparent in fall, they add.

Reference for Complete Article:

The University of Massachusetts Amherst. (2019, December 16). Birds’ seasonal migrations shift earlier as climate changes. ScienceDaily. Retrieved December 20, 2019, from

Journal Reference:

  1. Kyle G. Horton, Frank A. La Sorte, Daniel Sheldon, Tsung-Yu Lin, Kevin Winner, Garrett Bernstein, Subhransu Maji, Wesley M. Hochachka, Andrew Farnsworth. Phenology of nocturnal avian migration has shifted at the continental scaleNature Climate Change, 2019; DOI: 10.1038/s41558-019-0648-9

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