British experts: Mouthwash can eliminate corona

British experts claim that gargling with certain types of mouthwash destroys the outer shell of certain types of viruses, including the corona virus. However, the World Health Organization (WHO) has denied this, saying there is no “concrete evidence”.

The World Health Organization (WHO) said in a statement that there was no evidence that the “outer shell” of the mouthwash, especially the corona virus, was broken and could not increase.

Earlier, some British scientists, especially the epidemiologists at Cardiff University, published a short report, including scientists from Cambridge and other institutions. He says mouthwash has always been ignored. Some experimental and medical observations (but limited) have shown that many types of mouthwash contain ingredients that break the outer shell of many types of viruses and deactivate them. These ingredients destroy the lipids of the virus and may be effective against the corona virus.
In response, a spokesman for the World Health Organization said that so far there was no evidence that mouthwash protects a person from corona infection.

Professor O’Donnell, the report’s lead author, said that although corona has not been reported, test tubes and limited clinical trials in some laboratories have shown that mouthwash can destroy and inactivate many viruses. According to him, there is an urgent need for an investigation into Corona to confirm or deny this.

According to experts, mouthwash contains effective ingredients like chlorhexidine, cetyl pyridinium chloride, hydrogen peroxide and povidone-iodine which protect us from viral infections.

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