Bubble Tea – Culture, Market and Material

Story Highlights
  • Bubble tea was first invented in the year of 1980.
  • Taiwan’s tea culture is somehow connected with china.
  • bubble tea market was valued at $1957 million
  • It contains low fat and low calorie; contents
  • it contains antioxidants and detoxify many harmful chemicals in our body.

Bubble tea was first invented in the year of 1980 in Taichung a city of Taiwan, but the real inventor is unknown. If you are in Taiwan, it is always your tea time because in every restaurant bubble tea will be served to you if you are not even asking for it.

A local said ‘Our culture is immersed in tea. It is an Asian thing you see.’

The Culture of Bubble Tea

Taiwan’s tea culture is somehow connected with china. Tea trees from Chinese mountains were uprooted and cultivated in the northern region of Taiwan. Due to its compatible and suitable climate and geography to tea trees, Taiwan soon became a top producer of the best tea in the world. Bubble tea has various names as Pearl milk, bubble milk, Boba juice or simple Boba tea. It consists of tea tree leaves with chewy tapioca balls. There are two major types of this tea: Milkless and with milk. Both are available in Green, black and oolong with varieties of flavours such as fruity, chocolate etc.

The market of the Bubble Tea

According to recent research, the global bubble tea market was valued at $1957 million, and it is expected to reach $3214 by 2023. Addition of preservatives, artificial colours, fruit and jellies to the bubble tea increase its market growth.

Bubble tea Market has increased all over the world from street level to the big malls and restaurants because it is easy to prepare and easily dampen down the thirst.

Geographically, the market is analysed across North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and LAMEA. According to an international report, Europe would exhibit the highest CAGR of 9.1 % during 2017- 2023. Bubble tea has gained popularity due to its low price and good taste. In addition, fast urbanization and development of ready-to-drink beverages in the world enhance the market growth.

Benefits of Bubble Tea Material

Unlike simple tea, it is very beneficial for human. It contains low fat and low calorie; contents so, diabetes patients can also use it, because adding sugar in the bubble tea is optional. 224 gm serving of Boba milk tea contains 158 calories and 5.3 grams of fat, it does not contain the saturated fat that can raise your cholesterol and lead to heart problems. Boba milk tea constitutes milk, it contains less than 1 gram of protein per 224 gm serving, along with some bone-building calcium. The pearls also contain iron, that plays a role in making red blood cells that, in turn, carry oxygen throughout your body. Tapioca pearls contain trace amounts of magnesium, phosphorus and potassium, as well.

Modern researches prove that it contains antioxidants and detoxify many harmful chemicals in our body. It is also anti-inflammatory in nature and helps the body against many diseases. It’s one of the top benefits for us is that it contains anti-carcinogenic material. As we know cancer is a very fatal disease in the world and its remedies are also very difficult, in this aspect it is the gift of God to reduce the chances of cancer in the human body.

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  1. This was an interesting information about Bubble Tea. What a wonderful tea culture Taiwan have.

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