Calling Fazlur Rehman Maulana is an insult to religion, Prime Minister

Sahiwal: PM Imran Khan said: Maulana Fazlur Rehman should tell that from where he has built properties worth billions while calling Fazlur Rehman Maulana is an insult to religion

Addressing a function in Sahiwal and talking to reporters, PM Imran Khan said that the opposition and the government-run the parliament together. He used the parliament from day one to demand NRO. The debate should have taken place but it did not happen. The criticism of the notorious dacoits of the opposition should be considered as an honor.

The Prime Minister said that the PDM was bound to fail, all the dacoits are blackmailing me, a fugitive leader wants to bring revolution by sitting in London, all these give dates for the government to go to keep the party together. Maulana Fazlur Rehman is a corrupt man and to call him Maulana is an insult to the scholars. Fazlur Rehman became a billionaire by using the children of madrassas. He considers himself above the law.

Imran Khan said that the rates for the senate elections have already started, we know which political leader is investing money, how is it possible that a senator will not make money by investing money, open voting in senate elections Opponents of anti-corruption amendments will be exposed to the nation.

The Prime Minister said that those who have entangled us in foreign funding are now entangled themselves. Everyone knows who Osama bin Laden gave money to. Data of 40 thousand accounts has been given, I challenge these parties cannot even give details of one thousand accounts.
The Prime Minister said that they do not accept the decision taken against the opposition at the forum. NAB is catching their corruption. They do not accept NAB either.

In the past, they used to get judges to make their own decisions. Attacked the Supreme Court for not coming to a decision
Later, after the inauguration of the anchorage in Sahiwal itself, Prime Minister Imran Khan told the media that in the foreign funding case, they have trapped themselves by trapping the PTI.

Where does the money come from? He said that Maulana Fazlur Rehman tell me where he has built properties worth billions, Maulana says who is the NAB who called me, are they above the law, to call Fazlur Rehman Maulana is an insult to religion

Hassam Durrani

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