Can technology boost up the mind or choke up? :- Abdulmajeed Dohat

As evolution has begun In which the human mind started thinking about it. Previous it was very hard to spend the life at that time people were spending life in Forest wandering to catch the animals for food purposes. It was a very hard time later, they tried to do better. They saw new things and new things were found and to study them for finding the purposes. With the passage of time, they found different things to study them in properly. Finally, they discovered many things and made different things for spending better life. In this way, life has become easier. As the 20th century that can be considered as the independent century and revolutionary century, where many countries got independent and became a separate state. And the 21the century that can be considered as the advancement technology period, where there is more progress in science.

It has become popular. The 21st century is called the technological century, where all the world is combined in one unit. While the world is one unit that can be kept in a pocket. In the field of technology many things are manufactured, like artificial intelligence agencies, reboots, digital technologies, industries, 3G or, 4G or 5G, mobile digital laptop, and various others are developed for humans life. Certain others are being developed. And there are various kinds of software designed to access the data without any late. Many software is being used in different purposes. But some are designed to use for particular purposes. It has become a luxury life to spend. And humans have started traveling in space for innovation.

But the growth of technology has become very fast for human resources to access it very soon. Things are moving very fast. While some kinds of people have started to use these things in own purposes to access the data. They have started to design different software for creating websites, links, messages, and calling systems. While growing these kinds of things that are being used in smuggling way. They are also hackers. They hack accounts of different within seconds. So, such kinds of people are going to enhance around the world and they use technology as illegal purposes. Sometimes the hackers make a call to the people and do blackmail them and access the data and get benefits. Sometimes they pressurize them, different ways. In the case of people become psychological problems.

In this case, many people commit suicide. These kinds of crimes are being spread very fast in society. The majority of issues are found in young generations. The young generations become very depressed. Because hackers also try to suppress them. The high death ratio is found in young generations. It has created colossal problems. Many accounts are being hacked by hackers. The problem is that many times my account was tried to hack but many times it was secured by Google blocking them for trying many times. Google gives three chances to access after that it was blocked by Google. Yesterday my account was hacked by sending the number on the registered company. It looks like it was hacked by the company. But it is not correct. It might be it was accessed by the hacker for using software to show the own company number. My complaint was forwarded to the concerned authorities to look into this matter on time. The matter is still in the pending investigation process. It may be it takes time to investigate the matter. Taking time is not resolving the matter.

Growing technology is better but their control must be ensured. Because of these technologies are being misused on social media, where crimes spread very fast and harass the people. So, such kinds of things would be curbed stopping the misuse of it. According to data and figure the majority of issues are related to this. So, I request the government of Pakistan and other concerned authorities to look into this matter and to take action against those who were involved in this act. The culprit should be arrested and the punishment would give them. Such kinds of matter should be stopped spreading. Otherwise, it could create a massive problem in the upcoming session.

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