Dengue - Preventions, Treatments and Precautions

Once again the country is under the attack of Dengue Fever as it was under its sever attack a few years back. All around the country there are thousands of confirming patients of this very epidemic, hundreds of people have already lost their lives and many more are on the verge of death. According to the census more than 45000 people in Punjab were affected with this and casualties are also…
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The environmental Problems in Pakistan

Pakistan is facing a lot of climatic and environmental issues, including Water pollution, soil erosion, and land pollution, shortage of water, global warming, air pollution and natural disasters. According to the latest global environment performance index (EPI) ranking…
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International Federation for Mental Health and the United Nations has designated October 10, as mental health day to highlight the importance of mental health. Every year a topic is selected related to mental health. Seminars, conferences are held in countries all over the world and those involved write articles in newspapers, magazines, and periodicals. For the year 2019, the topic selected is…
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Penetration of Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution

At the end of the last century and almost two decades of the new one, many have tried to give a logical solution and system which is needed to develop approaches and methods to resolving disputed matters through which traditional litigation can be avoided. Privatization of…

Khalistan Tehreek - Who is responsible, Pakistan or India?

In recent times, due to the growing tension between Pakistan and India, India has been blaming Pakistan for something that has nothing to do with reality. When it comes to the Khalistan movement, India has always accused Pakistan of promoting the Khalistan movement and…

Globalization- An Accumulated Phenomenon

As the technology has firmed its grasp on the societies and the world is converged in the florescent screens. The east is connected with the west and likewise the north with the south. So the modern generation has given it a name, “The Globalization”. Despite regional, ethical, cultural and geopolitical differences, the whole world is now considered a global village. Photo: Opinion…
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Fake Bank Accounts

A few months back, every Pakistani news channel had breaking news which stated “A Falodey Wala has billion in his Bank Account.” This news caught an eye and every single channel, media reporters were in pursuit of that Guy, just after a couple of…

Media Culture and Ethics

The media holds a key pillar in the education and development of any community and nation. The media seals the way of entering a new era as well as awareness in society. Newspapers, magazines, radio, and TVs were one of the biggest pillars of the media at a time, but a…

Cons of E-Cigarette

Electronic cigarettes came into being as an alternative to smoking cessation, which has become fashionable over time. The first time e-cigarettes were introduced in China in 2004 was spread around the world. The Chinese company started exporting it to major markets in 2005-6 until now there are more than 460 brands. E-cigarettes increase demand for high school students 900 times over 2011 – 15.
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