Fake Bank Accounts

A few months back, every Pakistani news channel had breaking news which stated “A Falodey Wala has billion in his Bank Account.” This news caught an eye and every single channel, media reporters were in pursuit of that Guy, just after a couple of days, another breaking news was flashing on T.V screens that another person having Millions in his account while he is only…
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Media Culture and Ethics

The media holds a key pillar in the education and development of any community and nation. The media seals the way of entering a new era as well as awareness in society. Newspapers, magazines, radio, and TVs were one of the biggest pillars of the media at a time, but a…

Cons of E-Cigarette

Electronic cigarettes came into being as an alternative to smoking cessation, which has become fashionable over time. The first time e-cigarettes were introduced in China in 2004 was spread around the world. The Chinese company started exporting it to major markets in 2005-6…

How to get your AdSense approved?

If you want to get AdSense to approve for your website and facing rejection or a new one and searching for guidance, you are at the right place. I am going to tell you 5 key steps that will make your website ready for immediate approval of AdSense. Steps are very easy and simple and therefore, you will have no difficulty in following them. These 5 steps along with the points you should avoid will…
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Economic Fall in Pakistan

According to Wikipedia, Pakistan has the 23rd largest economy in the world while having a population of around 212 Million, which spots her at 6th in the world in terms of population. According to the census in 2019 it has 1,357 $ GDP per capita while the undocumented…

Bubble Tea - Culture, Market and Material

The Culture of Bubble Tea Bubble tea was first invented in the year of 1980 in Taichung a city of Taiwan, but the real inventor is unknown. If you are in Taiwan, it is always your tea time because in every restaurant bubble tea will be served to you if you are not even…

Technological Forecasting and Social change

The modern era is known as the era of technology, and the generation living in this era is entitled to screen generation. From marking their footsteps on the mud of the moon till competing with the speed of light to travel the dimensions of time, is all due to technology. As advancements in the different fields of science, is a fruit of new developing technology, there are many other fields…
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Improvement of Pakistan's Universities in QS Rankings 2020

Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) publishes the annual rankings for the universities of the World. National University of Science and Technology (NUST). Islamabad and Pakistan Institute of Engineering and applied sciences (PIEAS),Islamabad are now ranked in the top 400 universities…