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Salma Noreen - The Story of Success

Educate a boy, and you educate an individual. Educate a girl, and you educate a community. Adelaide Hoodless Salma Noreen of Attock, Pakistan has proved this quote right and made her parents, all teachers, and institutions proud by creating a real example to be followed. She started her online career ten years ago as a freelance web developer. We all know that without any professional…
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Twitter and Facebook closed thousands of accounts based on political propaganda

Over the past few days, Facebook and Twitter have closed close to 6,000 accounts that contain inconsistent articles and propaganda on political topics. Facebook and Twitter have closed close to 6,000 accounts after thorough research on using their platform for political purposes. In addition, numerous pages, groups and posts have also been closed. According to the two companies, most pages are…
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Regular Tea takers May Have Better Brain Structure: Study

Tea is one of the common and most popular caffeinated drinks around the world. The drink has a lot of diversity and the level of caffeine in each differs. Its preparations and recipes differ much according to areas and it has got a universal appeal at the same time due to…

The Best Cities in the World for Students in 2020

Students move to different parts of the world for their education. To help the students in making their choices concerning where to study, the international university rankings website, QS has published a list of the best cities for students in 2020. London is present at…

Top 10 Engineering Universities of Pakistan

Universities Rankings are assigned on the basis of quality assurance, teaching quality, research, finance and facilities, and social integration and community development. Here is the updated list of Top 10 Engineering Universities of Pakistan 2020. 01.National…
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Birds' biennial migrations shift ahead as climate changes

Date December 16, 2019 Source University of Massachusetts Amherst SummaryIn what the authors believe is one of the first studies to examine climate change impact on the timing of bird migration on a continental scale, researchers report that spring migrants were likely to pass certain stops earlier now than they would have 20 years ago. Also, temperature and migration timing were closely…
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