Twitter and Facebook closed thousands of accounts based on political propaganda

Over the past few days, Facebook and Twitter have closed close to 6,000 accounts that contain inconsistent articles and propaganda on political topics. Facebook and Twitter have closed close to 6,000 accounts after thorough research on using their platform for political purposes. In addition, numerous pages, groups and posts have also been closed. According to the two companies, most pages are…
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If you go to Pakistan, ISI will arrest you: Modi

Indian government’s crooked face exposed to prevent Sikhs from coming to Kartarpur. India reveals not clearing the immigration of people of Sikh community coming to Pakistan. After opening the Kartarpur corridor, where the Indian Sikhs were provided free entry…

Sanna Marin to become the world's youngest prime minister

The 34-year-old Prime Minister of Finland, Sanna Marin, has also been honoured to be the youngest Prime Minister in the world. According to the International News Agency, the ruling Social Democratic Party has nominated Cabinet member Sun Marin as Prime Minister after the resignation of Prime Minister Antoine Roy in Finland, after the support of the coalition parties, his election has come into…
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