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20 Outstanding Secret Tricks to Rank Fiverr GIG on First Page in 2020

Do you want to rank your Fiverr gig but you don’t know? I’m going to reveal secret tips that how to become a millionaire by making your gig rank on the first page. But as a newbie, it is a difficult job to rank Fiverr gig on the first page and gain orders quickly. When I analyze the top-rated, level 2, and level 1 seller’s gigs so after doing some analysis then I apply the same…
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LinkedIn introduces a new feature for freelancers

LinkedIn started a new feature “Open for Business“. This new feature offers the freelancers and small business owners to add their services to their LinkedIn profiles. This provides potential businesses to discover these freelancers, small businesses from LinkedIn…

Pakistani students develop a fake drug-detecting app

Pakistan’s talented students develop a mobile app to identify fake or expired medicines. ARY News’ program Swaira invited mobile app makers Aqsa Akhtar and Mohammed Owais who not only cited the app. Informed, but also explained how to operate it. This app can…

Top Google Searches in Pakistan 2019

As another year comes to an end—and this time, the decade too, Let we see the list of most searched keywords on Google Pakistan in 2019: 1. Pakistan vs South Africa 2.Pakistan vs Australia 3.Live Cricket 4.Sony Liv 5.PSL 4 schedule 6.Cricket World Cup 7.Pakistan vs New Zealand 8.PTV Sports 9.Pakistan vs India 10.Sri Lanka vs Pakistan The list is showing that…
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Salma Noreen - The Story of Success

Educate a boy, and you educate an individual. Educate a girl, and you educate a community. Adelaide Hoodless Salma Noreen of Attock, Pakistan has proved this quote right and made her parents, all teachers, and institutions proud by creating a real example to be…

Twitter and Facebook closed thousands of accounts based on political propaganda

Over the past few days, Facebook and Twitter have closed close to 6,000 accounts that contain inconsistent articles and propaganda on political topics. Facebook and Twitter have closed close to 6,000 accounts after thorough research on using their platform for political purposes. In addition, numerous pages, groups and posts have also been closed. According to the two companies, most pages are…
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Google Focus Mode, which doesn't let you lose focus

Google has introduced a new tool called Focus Mode to focus your attention on something. This allows you to close the notification from email to Facebook for a certain period of time, either indefinitely or indefinitely. This feature was announced at the Google IO Developer Conference in May this year and is still undergoing beta testing. It’s a ‘Do Not Disturb’ type mode…
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