Celebrations and Fireworks on New Year’s Eve 2020 around the world

New Year’s Eve festivities are already underway over the globe as the world sounds in 2020. We are with the latest news and updates from all over the world. You can see the latest fireworks pictures here.

Hong Kong plans silenced celebration 

Fireworks show that traditional lights up Victoria Harbor have been cancelled amid safety concerns and they are planning to pass this eve in a muted mode.

Hong Kong New Year Eve

Australia marks in the new roaring 20s

Australia escorted in the New Year with a great fireworks show in Sydney, notwithstanding the calls to cancel the event as destructive bushfires raged across the country.

Australia New Year’s Eve

Japan’s new age celebrates its first New Year’s 

People gathered to temples and memorials in Japan, offering scent with their prayers to celebrate the passing of a year and the first New Year’s Eve of the Reiwa era.

Japan New Year Eve

These were the few glimpses of New Year Eve in the World. Share your pictures for our next publication with us!

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