Child abuse: Taimoor Bashir Herl

Taimoor Bashir Herl

Child abuse has become a growing menace in our society and needs to be addressed immediately. According to a report by an NGO, almost 11 children are sexually abused in the country every day. Our children are at great risk and need constant attention by their parents in order to remain safe.

Thousands of cases go unnoticed and unreported because children are often abused by people belonging to the family or its social circle. In such cases, children are either too scared to speak up or they are hushed up if they do. Many times, elders refuse to take action against the abusers because the family’s reputation is at risk, Such a mindset-where honor is given more weightage than a criminal act has only encouraged abusers, as they believe they will get away without consequences, However, the few cases that do make it to the news and also to the police, are cases of abuse that have reached disgustingly horrific extents.

It is when innocent children are raped and killed Children have a sense of fear among strangers, especially those who have a negative aura around them. However, they often fall prey to familiar people who exploit the close proximity it gives to young children. The state and society have failed our children. The recent case of Farishta is another sad example of the state’s failure, as the police refused to register the FIR of her kidnapping and start an investigation Had the officers worked in a proactive manner and discharged their duties honestly,

they might have been able to recover the poor child safely. Despite the increase in child abuse, our country is yet to convict the majority of the accused rapists and carry out their punishments. Zainab’s killer received his punishment. Had he been executed publicly, it would have deterred the likes of those who killed Farishta. Human rights organizations have a problem with capital punishment. But what about the rights of those who they assaulted and killed in such a horrible manner? How many more Farishtas and Zainab’s will be killed before action is taken to stop it. It is the time! It is the time!

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