Children jump from building in imitation of a video game, parents sue company

BEIJING: In China, two children jumped off a roof like video game characters because the characters in the video game are still alive after falling. The parents have since sued the video game company.

Two boys, aged 9 and 11, are currently seriously injured after jumping from their building while playing Money World and Game of Peace. He was playing this game because of the lockdown. The parents have since sued Chinese game company Tencent.

In this game, avatar-like characters fall from buildings and come back to life. Both children played this game for 8 hours daily due to lockdown. This affected him so much that he realized the characters of the game and jumped from a height of 50 feet on March 22. The incident took place in the Chinese city of Hendan, but unfortunately, contrary to the game, the two children did not recover and many of their bones were broken, they were seriously injured and now they have undergone several operations, but the children are still not out of danger. Have come They include a girl and a boy.

Parents have invested all their savings in the treatment of their children and are treating them with people’s donations.

During the game, the younger sister told her brother that if we jumped, we would be revived like the game. The two then jumped out of the building together with their eyes closed, but after that they were severely injured and fainted.

The characters in the Mini World game do not die by any means and they survive every accident. According to the parents, their children were normal and they became accustomed to the game and were forced into this dangerous and deadly experience. Both games were made by Tencent Company and it has denied responsibility for the incident and said that Mini World game was made by another company but Vincent is also the owner of this company.

However, after this accident, children must have realized that the real world is a little different from the world of video games.

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