China approves locally developed corona vaccine

BEIJING: China’s drug authority has conditionally approved the use of the corona vaccine, developed by local pharmaceutical company Sino Farm, across the country.

According to the World News Agency, the Chinese Drug Authority has conditionally approved the use of the local pharmaceutical company Synoform to provide coronavirus vaccine protection against the disease up to 79.34% nationwide. Follow-up data and side effects must be reported immediately.

A worldwide trial of the vaccine from Chinese pharmaceutical company SinoForm has yielded encouraging results, with the company claiming that the vaccine is not only safe but also contains 99.52% antibodies against the virus in both users. Levels were created.
Following successful trials of the vaccine in several countries around the world, including the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Jordan, Peru and Argentina, the Chinese company has submitted an application to the Chinese Drug Regulatory Authority for approval of the vaccine. Earlier, UAE officials had also said that the vaccine was 86% effective during the trial.

The Chinese company Synoform’s Corona vaccine has already been approved for use in the UAE and Bahrain, and vaccination is underway in both countries, while a trial for emergency use has been underway in China since July 2020. Another synoform vaccine is being developed, but the results have not yet been announced.

Trials of the Corona vaccine by another Chinese company are underway in Turkey and Indonesia, and Turkey says the vaccine is 91.25% effective, but data on the vaccine have yet to be published in international journals. Something can be said.

It should be noted that the US FDA has approved Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, while the World Health Organization has also given a clean chit to Pfizer’s Corona vaccine and the process of vaccinating Pfizer’s Corona vaccine is underway in many countries.

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