Cons of E-Cigarette

Electronic cigarettes came into being as an alternative to smoking cessation, which has become fashionable over time. The first time e-cigarettes were introduced in China in 2004 was spread around the world. The Chinese company started exporting it to major markets in 2005-6 until now there are more than 460 brands. E-cigarettes increase demand for high school students 900 times over 2011 – 15. According to the studies more than 2 million students are using e-cigarette increasing up to 40% of new smokers.

E-cigarette is a battery-powered device, which is vaporized while consuming a consumer. Excludes the amount of nicotine or non-nicotine The purpose is to use smoking without smoke an e-cigarette is a long tube that usually resembles a cigarette, cigar, pipe or pen. Most are usable with usable cartridges but some are disposable as well

Side Effects

  • Most e-cigarettes contain nicotine, which is addictive and triggers changes in the adolescent brain.
  • It also affects the mother and baby during pregnancy and its use can affect the development of the gene.
  • The salts, flavors, and toxins contained in it are harmful or potentially harmful.
  • E-cigarettes affect various substances in the lungs, one of which is Diacetyl that can cause popcorn lung-like illness. It is an acute and untreatable lung disease,
  • The potentially deadly solution goes directly into catastrophic consequences.
  • People who want to quit smoking should stop using traditional and medically monitored methods.
  • Adolescents who use e-cigarettes also regularly use traditional smoking.
  • Persistent use of nicotine attracts the use of other drugs such as cocaine.
  • It is not true that e-cigarettes are not harmful to all youths

Research on E-Cigarette

People use each other’s e-cigarettes, which also puts others at risk of getting infected An animal study published in January 2018 estimated that e-cigarettes contained How can nitrosamines damage DNA? Researchers have found that e-cigarette fever significantly reduces the ability of lung cells to repair۔ Also, according to a study conducted on mice, smoke damaged the lungs, bladder, and heart of mice. This research concluded that e-cigarette smoke is likely to cause lung and bladder cancer as well as heart disease in humans.

 According to a foreign news agency, US President Donald Trump is planning to bane on e-cigarettes, its appliances, and nicotine with different flavors. Because e-cigarettes are ruining people’s health and they are going to death US doctors say people use nicotine with different fruit flavors in e-cigarettes as a result, respiratory diseases are increasing day by day. It is estimated that more than 3 million children in the United States suffer from e-cigarette addiction.

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