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Coronavirus can be fatal for kidney patients, research

The research paper revealed that the corona virus not only plays a role in human life by weakening the immune system, but it also kills both kidneys of patients with minor kidney diseases.

A study of patients who died of corona virus at Northwestern University in the United States revealed that patients with mild kidney disease were more likely to develop Acute Kidney Failure when they became infected with the corona virus. He also contracted the disease of complete disability.

Kidney specialists say that in general, 25 to 30 percent of patients in hospital intensive care wards are more likely to have complications of renal failure, but recent data show that kidney failure occurs. The mortality rate as a result of COD 19 is up to 50% in patients with coronary heart disease.
Researchers at Northwestern University also analyzed two recently released research reports by Chinese scientists and concluded that the type of renal failure seen in Code 19 patients is very complex. There are blood clots and swelling in the kidneys, which contain a number of elements that are not commonly seen in AKI patients.

The study, published in the Journal of the American Society of Nephrology, recommends that physicians and clinicians pay close attention to the kidneys of COD 19 patients and perform mandatory tests on kidney function and structure. The results should be monitored and special care should be taken of dialysis patients.

It should be noted that Chinese scientists had also claimed in a research article published in The Journal of Kidney International that post-mortem of 9 out of 26 patients who died from COD 19 revealed kidney damage.

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