CSS Compulsory & Optional Subjects

This post is primarily going to be useful for the applicants of the CSS exam. Read this post carefully to know about the subjects and syllabus of the CSS exam 2020.

The syllabus of the CSS exam was revised in 2015 and since then the same is established onward. The candidate preparing for the CSS exam must take an overview of the subjects and the syllabus as it helps to choose a subject from optional subjects. Here are the complete details of the subjects.

Divisions of the Subjects:

All the subjects are divided into 2 categories i.e. Compulsory subjects and Optional Subjects.

There are some subjects that are compulsory each carrying 100 marks and there is a total of 6 subjects making a total of 600 marks.

The other category is of optional subjects. There is a total of 7 groups and the candidate has to select 1 subject from each group.

Compulsory Subjects:

Sr. No.SubjectsMarks
1.English (Precise & Composition)100
2.English Essay100
3.Current Affairs100
4.Pakistan Affairs100
5.General Science & Ability100
6.Islamic Studies or Comparative Studies100
Major Religions (For Non-Muslims)

Optional Subjects:

The following are the groups of optional subjects and subjects of a total of 200 marks or 100 marks depending upon the group are selected from these groups.

Group-I (One subject of 200 marks can be selected)

Sr. No.SubjectsMarks
2.Accounting & Auditing200
3.Political Science200
4.Computer Science200
5.International Relations200

Group-II (Subject(s) of 200 marks can be selected)

Sr. No.SubjectsMarks
3.Pure Mathematics100
4.Applied Mathematics100

Group-III (One subject of 100 marks can be selected)

Sr. No.SubjectsMarks
1.Public Administration100
2.Governance & Public Policies100
3.Town Planning & Urban Management100
4.Business Administration100

Group-IV (One subject of 100 marks can be selected)

Sr. No.SubjectsMarks
1.British History100
2.History of Pakistan & India100
3.European History100
4.Islamic History & Culture100
5.History of the USA100

Group-V (One subject of 100 marks can be selected)

Sr. No.SubjectsMarks
1.Agriculture & Forestry100
4.Environmental Sciences100
5.Gender Studies100
6.Urdu Literature100
7.English Literature100

Group-VI (One subject of 100 marks can be selected)

Sr. No.SubjectsMarks
2.International Law100
3.Constitutional Law100
4.Mercantile Law100
5.Muslim & Jurisprudence100

Group-VII (One subject of 100 marks can be selected)

Sr. No.SubjectsMarks
11.Journalism & Mass Communication100


  • The subjects of 100 marks have 1 paper while the subject of 200 marks has 2 papers.
  • The papers of regional languages will be attempted in the same language.
  • All the compulsory subjects and optional subjects contain 20 MCQs except Pure Mathematics and Applied Mathematics.
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