Demonstration on George Floyd’s death: protesters arrive at White House

Washington: American George Floyd continues to demonstrate blacks for justice after the death of (George Floyd). Violent demonstrations were also held in about 30 cities. According to ‘The New York Times’ news, on Friday night hundreds of protesters had gathered outside the White House in Washington. As soon as the news of protesters gathered outside, White House security officials took President Donald Trump to the underground bunker. According to the news, Trump was kept there for less than an hour.

Officers from the Secret Service and United States Park Police prevented the protesters from moving forward. Donald Trump and his team members were also surprised when the protesters reached the White House. It is not yet clear whether Trump was accompanied by his wife Melania Trump and adviser Baron Trump.

In the wake of violent protests, curfew has been imposed in 40 cities of America including Washington. There are frequent demonstrations in police custody after the death of black African-American citizen George Floyd. Nearly 5000 National Guards have taken over the front in 15 states.

Let me tell you that on Monday, security guard George Floyd of a restaurant was caught by the police in a case related to forgery. A video of the incident went viral. It is clear in the video that George did not protest at the time of arrest. The police put handcuffs in his hands and laid him on the ground. After which a police officer pressed his neck with his knees. George kept on saying that he could not breathe and he fainted shortly after. He was declared dead in the hospital. People became angry with George’s death and a ruckus started in the city on the issue of apartheid.

There are reports of looting in many shops of the city. Police used tear gas and rubber bullets to control people. One person died after being shot. The police is also investigating the matter whether the owner of a store has shot that person. The White House issued a statement in the matter, saying that President Trump was deeply saddened by the incident and wanted George Floyd to get justice.

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