Dengue – Preventions, Treatments and Precautions

Once again the country is under the attack of Dengue Fever as it was under its sever attack a few years back. All around the country there are thousands of confirming patients of this very epidemic, hundreds of people have already lost their lives and many more are on the verge of death. According to the census more than 45000 people in Punjab were affected with this and casualties are also reported in various cities in Punjab, only in Karachi more than 2000 people are reported/diagnosed as the positive patients of Dengue with more than dozens of causalities. While KPK is the most affected part of the country with this epidemic.

People across the country need to take precautionary measures to control dengue. Which will be tried to provide information in this article. 

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What is dengue fever? 

Dengue fever is a seemingly trivial disease that can be transmitted within a few days to a dangerous condition and can even cause death. Dengue is generally more likely to result in people whose immunity/strength is low Dengue is a specific substance caused by mosquito bites. The mosquito is usually colourful, its body is as sharp as the zebra’s, while the legs are longer than the normal mosquito. There are four types of dengue fever, but the same symptoms appear in the patient Immediately after appearing, referring a doctor to the doctor may reduce the severity of the disease. Early symptoms of dengue include high fever, severe pain and weakness in the body, Legs, and joints include pain, headache, mood swings, face colour reddening, chills The pain in the joints and muscles becomes so severe that he feels his bones broken. That is why it is commonly known as Break Bone Fever. Typically, the number of platelets in a person varies from one million to four hundred and four million per microliter. In the case of dengue virus, the number would have dropped to about 20 thousand or less


It is very important to have a diagnosis of the disease as soon as possible to control the dengue fever Which comes from different types of medical tests۔ 

After the symptoms appear, a molecular test PCR is performed to confirm the Dinky virus. Which can also detect which type of dengue virus is.

Antibody test to diagnose dengue with IgM and IgG antibodies released from the immune system of a person affected.

 Platelet counts are detected in a person suffering from complete blood count and should begin treatment immediately if deficient. 

The Basic Metabolic Panel BMP test assesses the patient’s kidney status whether the kidney is functioning properly or not.  


Dengue deaths are 4% of worldwide deaths, according to the World Health Organization, Dengue mosquitoes like to live in clear water and are more visible at sunrise and sunset. Therefore, all food items in the house, even the pot of drinking water should be covered. To prevent mosquito attacks, it is important to prevent the spread of mosquitoes, cleaning of houses should be taken care of. The nearby pits should be completely leaked so that they do not accumulate water 

Medical experts find papaya leaf juice useful in the morning for dengue-infected patients، They also say that mixing honey in semi-warm water three times a day can help prevent dengue fever.

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