Depression Symptoms and Warning signs: How to help a depressed person?

What is depression, in fact, it is a disease that can be fatal even if physically healthy. Suicides are often seen and heard by someone experiencing depression or stress. Why does this happen? A person playing a laugh gives life due to depression.

 Dr Komal Chandiramani says that often people feel that depression is small stress related to one thing, which immediately causes such a choice in one’s mind and mind, But not so. Actually, stress, which is called Depression in English, develops slowly. 

Warning Signs of Depression: Now the next thing is often heard that if a person who is suffering from insistence is given the right time and hears it, then the untoward can be avoided. But the question arises that how can we understand that (Symptoms of Depression) someone close to you, friend or relative is quietly drinking Suffering From Depression. So let’s know about those symptoms so that you can recognize depression- 

How to identify symptoms of depression?

1. Depression can be understood by talking and thinking. Understand this in a way that a person feels about life in general. It can be a sign of depression if your friends, close or relatives talk about depressing attitudes, self hatred and inappropriate guilt. He can say things like ‘I hate myself’, ‘This is all my fault’, ‘I am useless’, ‘Life is meaningless’. If they talk like this again and again, then sit and talk with them.

2. Depression can bring joy or happiness out of things that a person likes to do. If you find that your friend or loved one no longer does what he or she loved before – such as sports, music, dance or anything that he or she is happy to do at first, but runs away from it nowadays, then this May be a sign of depression.

3. Depression comes with a lack of energy or fatigue. It can be associated with ‘too little’ or ‘too much’ sleep. If they are tired all the time and complain of improper sleep patterns, it can be a sign of depression.

4. Uncontrolled emotions are also a sign of depression. If you find that in one minute, that person is angry and crying in the next minute, it can be a sign of depression.

5. Lack of confidence in yourself is a sign of depression. Depressed people feel bad about themselves and their future. If your loved one lacks confidence and optimism, it can be a sign of depression.

Now if you are able to understand from these signs that your friend or close is currently suffering from depression or depression, then surely the first question will come in your mind that how can you help him. For this, you can adopt the following 5 tips. And can help one life to survive depression and live life again- 

How to help a person struggling with depression? 

1. Help them understand that this is a ‘medical condition’ and not a ‘personal weakness’. Encourage them to treat.

2. Schedule some activity. Add your friend in them. Make an activity plan that they like and help them reconnect with the world.

3. Encourage them to express their thoughts and feelings with others.

4. Emphasize the positive. Remind your beloved person about his positive qualities and how important that person is in the lives of others.

5. For many people, trust is important for dealing with depression. Encourage your loved one to participate in spiritual practices or help them develop a spiritual belief system.

Disclaimer: This article is for general information only. It cannot be a substitute for any medicine or treatment in any way. Always contact your doctor for more information. 

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