Diet For Asthma: These 5 Foods Are Effective In Relieving Asthma

Good Food For Asthma: Asthma Patients Diet is very important in getting relief from it. In such a situation, what should be eaten by asthmatics and what is not important. Here we are telling the asthma patient what to eat .

Best Food For Asthma

This is the time when asthma patients need to take more care of themselves. The whole world is battling the coronavirus. In many countries, hundreds of deaths have occurred due to coronavirus. In India too, the number is constantly increasing. There have been 38 deaths in the country so far, more than 16,00 cases have been reported. People suffering from Coronavirus are coming to know about Respiratory Problems. The effect of the virus is especially on those people who are struggling with respiratory diseases or who have some other serious disease. Asthma is a long-lasting disease that needs long-term treatment. Many patients stop taking inhalers when they feel better. This can be dangerous because you are leaving the treatment in the middle, which keeps you fit and healthy.

Patients should consult their doctor before leaving the inhaler. Leaving the inhaler on your own can be risky. Asthma causes difficulty in breathing, chest pain, cough and wheezing. The main cause of this attack is mucus and narrow trachea present in the body, but apart from this, there are many external causes of an asthma attack, due to which there is a sudden attack of asthma. Asthma Patients Diet is very important in getting relief from this. In such a situation, what should be eaten by asthmatics and what is not important? Here we are telling the asthma patient what to eat.

These foods are helpful in relieving asthma. Best Food & Diet For Asthma Patients

1. Vitamin-C rich foods

Anti-oxidant is found in plenty in vitamin C, which can be helpful in protecting the lungs. A study found that people who eat more vitamin C-rich foods are less at risk of having an asthma attack, so asthma patients, especially oranges, broccoli, kiwis, should be included in the diet.

2. Use of Honey Cinnamon

Although honey and sugar should be used in limited quantities, honey and cinnamon intake is considered very beneficial for asthma patients. Mixing two teaspoons of cinnamon with one teaspoon of honey before going to bed at night can be beneficial by taking lungs regularly.

3. Basil is also beneficial

Tulsi is considered an Ayurvedic medicine. Anti-oxidant properties are also found in plenty in Tulsi. In such a situation, for the relief of asthma, drinking two to three leaves of basil in tea can reduce the risk of asthma attacks. Tulsi is also considered beneficial in improving the immune system of the body. Along with this, Tulsi is also considered beneficial in relieving seasonal diseases like flu and cold cough.


Food For Asthma: Consuming Tulsi can also help in asthma.

4. Pulses

Pulses are considered a good source of protein. There are many pulses like black gram, moong dal, soyabean and others which can be beneficial for health. These pulses are considered good for the lungs. Therefore, asthma patients should consume them in regular quantity. Apart from this, digestive power can also be strengthened by the consumption of pulses.

5. Green Vegetables

Green vegetables are very beneficial for the lungs. Eating green vegetables does not cause phlegm in the lungs, which reduces the chances of asthma patients getting an attack. Eating green vegetables can also improve the immune system.

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