Dis – information is dangerous than weapon:- Abubaker Khan

Abubaker Khan

Dis- information means information that is false and deliberately created to harm a person,, social group, organization, or country, in recent years, the term has become especially associated with the spread of “fake news” on social media as a strategy of negative political campaigning. Dis- information is often part of larger efforts, such as campaign, plan, or agenda .it may take advantage of well-established facts while tweaking details, omitting context, blending falsehoods. the goal is to make the disinformation believable in order to reach the target audience.

In the modern era, in the 2016 efforts waged by Russian targeting the US elections, in that time, the perpetrators used  FB and twitter to disseminate  “fake news” as was revealed by the hearings on  Capitol Hill which examined and exposed the scheme.
Now in a time of the recent pandemic, conspiracy theorists spread the number of fake information about a virus , it is very harmful .theorist use social media platform to spread own information in all over the world.
The tensions between Russia and NATO and the US and China have turned the coronavirus pandemic into another front in a long-running information war. But even though the coronavirus has turned millions of lives upside down with unprecedented restrictions on personal freedoms, economic activity, and public life, COVID-19 has not put the world’s existing political differences on ice. the pandemic has merely provided all of these with a new battleground in long-running wars of information.

This is all the more intense because so many people are cooped up at homes during this crisis, spending more time on social media. As early as February 2, the World Health Organization (WHO) warned of a massive coronavirus “infodemic,” describing this as “an over-abundance of information — some accurate and some not — that makes it hard for people to find trustworthy sources and reliable guidance when they need it.

Sputnik Russian News wrote on January 22 that the virus was man-made, a weapon created by NATO. This was the first piece of false information about  COVID-19. For instance, the disinformation on the virus being made in a US laboratory was also published by Sputnik in its Arabic service. This target audience tends to be more critical of the US and therefore more susceptible to such conspiracy theories.

On 12 March 2020, Beijing foreign minister spokesman Zhao lijian claimed that US participants smuggled the coronavirus into Wuhan in China during last October’s Military World Games sports event. In Washington, President Donald Trump seems rather fond of calling COVID-19 the “China virus”.
Someone says that it was created in a lab by Microsoft founder Bill Gates as part of a globalist agenda to lower populations. Or it originated in the Chinese government as a bioweapon unleashed upon the world to undermine the United States. Or it was manufactured by the CIA as part of an economic hybrid war against China.

many of these false claims have their root in very real confusion and fear.  Some rumors that both hot weather and cold weather kill the coronavirus (they don’t), that mosquitoes can transmit the disease (they can’t), and that readers should use an ultraviolet disinfectant lamp to sterilize their skin (you shouldn’t).

Some foolish quacks  suggested that drinking plain old warm water was “effective against viruses”, without any further explanation. Later, it recommended that gargling salt water will “suffice” in terms of a prevention.

Needless to say, neither of these treatments have been recommended by doctors as a way to rid the body of the coronavirus. Garlic, saltwater, onions, lemon juice, alcohol, ginger, chlorine, and hairdryers have all featured in viral posts as treatments from people who are often just looking out for their friends and family, hoping …

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