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Do these four things in unemployment

Being unemployed simply means not having a job, not losing your skills. This is the first important thing that our unemployed youth need to understand. Instead of trying to recover, we wallow in our sadness and thus, experience more failure. In this regard, we must learn to use our thoughts and time in the right way in any financial and economic crisis.

Remember that even if you are unemployed, you still have valuable assets like time, which is not available to everyone. It is now up to you to make the best use of this capital to get a good job and much more. You will be greatly benefited if you do the following four things during the days of unemployment.

1. Work on the commission

This work requires neither money nor recommendation. Meet different business owners. Set a commission for the sale of things and start working in the name of Allah. From large businesses like grain market, vegetable market, insurance, share market, property business, software houses to small business in general, you can easily make your place.

2. Volunteer

You can start this work with any charitable NGO. Visit any such institution in your city and offer your services. It will not only help you to have good networking with different people but also to learn a lot. I personally know a lot of people who started volunteering in an NGO and after a while a job was arranged there or at an affiliated organization.

3. Work for free

If you are already an expert in a job but can’t find a job, make your services free for people instead of being idle. Then slowly set your price. I have seen many doctors adopt this method. Or go to a store and learn to work for free. Try to understand the business of this shop. Help increase store sales in good faith. I know a lot of young guys who started working as a salesman in a shop for free or on low pay and today have opened their own small shop of the same job, which will one day turn into a big business. Will

4. Learn a new skill

As easy as it is for today’s youth to learn skills on YouTube at home, it is very foolish to waste time. From videography, editing, website / app making, graphic designing, to what you can’t learn for free. Then you can create the best jobs through freelancing or e-commerce. If you can’t do that, go to a store and learn how to work. Many dress designers, hairdressers, videographers, video editors, mobile repairmen have learned such jobs and created jobs for themselves.

So friends, here are four key pointers in moving forward with your research. They do not have to go to a particular city or have more education. You can start at any time in your current city. Last but not least, even in the days of unemployment, it is important to have a healthy daily routine. Just staying asleep, gossiping, watching too much movies and engaging in negative social media will rust your abilities and increase your unemployment time period.

Written by: Mian Jamshed Translated by: Raabta Team

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