Does Vitamin D Protect Against Corona Virus?

In recent days, two separate studies by British and American scientists have shown that the presence of abundant amounts of vitamin D in the human body helps to prevent the spread of the corona virus. However, other experts are skeptical of the investigation.

Research by British experts in this area has been published online in “Aging Clinical and Experimental Research” which is a regular research journal. However, another study was published in the online research journal MedRxiv, which has the status of an “irregular research journal”.

In their study, British experts compared the high coronavirus deaths and deaths in Italy and Spain with those in other northern European countries, saying that the average amount of vitamin D in people in both countries was higher than in northern European countries. Less than average people. He concluded that adequate amounts of vitamin D in the body could protect us from the corona virus.

The research paper, published in medRxiv, analyzes data from 10 countries in the context of vitamin D and corona viruses; and concludes exactly what was done in the UK study.

However, some other experts say that the results of vitamin D in both studies have been reached too hastily. “None of these studies prove that vitamin D protects against corona virus,” said Dr Mark Boland, an associate professor of medicine at the University of Auckland, New Zealand.

On the other hand, William Grant, head of the Sunlight, Nutrition and Health Research Center in San Francisco, believes that the findings from both studies are reliable, confirming previous studies and research on vitamin D. Do Similarly, Dr. Frank Law, an associate professor of clinical surgery at Louisiana State University, says that his own research says almost exactly what is said in the two articles: Vitamin D really does make a difference.

It should be noted that the presence of adequate amount of vitamin D in the human body helps in strengthening and improving the immune system which is fighting against diseases.

The human body produces this vitamin when exposed to the sun, while juicy and sour fruits, high-fat fish, egg yolks, wheat, barley and cheese are also rich in vitamin D.

Further investigations into the link between the coronavirus and vitamin D are underway in various countries, with final results likely to take months. Some experts also say that although vitamin D strengthens the immune system, there is no benefit in using vitamin D after being infected with the coronavirus.

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