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Earn one million dollars in a single day through Snapchat

Through the use of the famous social media app Snapchat, a person can earn one million dollars in a single day.

Snapchat also launched a new section called “Spotlight” to the app. The chapter is just like Tiktok, the Chinese lip-syncing app, in which users can create short videos.

Snapchat says it will pay up to one million dollars a day for every video that goes viral by the end of 2020 to lure users to the new mode.

It doesn’t matter if the user has a large number of subscribers; relative to other videos that day the amount viewers get is largely dependent on unique views.

According to the organization, users who upload videos must be 16 years of age or older and are forbidden from showing any drug-related material or any unauthorized product.

If it’s popular for different days at a time, users can continue to benefit from their video.

Anyone may upload a video, and when uploading, they only have to tap “Spotlight” to ensure that it populates the section.

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