Effective Ways for Study to Get Better Results in Exams

It is famous that “HARD WORK IS KEY TO SUCCESS” but I want to add something to it. It is an old quotation in this modern era only hard work is of no use until you add smart work in it. For instance, one man does 100J of work in a day and the second person does the same work in an hour by using some smart techniques so who will be able to achieve more in this modern era obviously a person who know some smart techniques to achieve better results.

Now I am going to tell you some effective techniques to study more in less time. These techniques are experimental-based and very useful.

SQ3R FORMULA for Effective Study

This formula will enhance your memory but this formula is based upon hard work. You have to do a little bit of hard work to avoid failure but you must add smart work to get top grades.

  • S= Survey
  • Q= Question yourself
  • R= Read
  • R= Recall
  • R= Revise

Now I will explain these terms…


You should do a survey of the topic you are going to study and make a concept map about it in your mind. This will enhance your interest in the topic.


After the survey, you should ask questions from yourself about what do you know about the topic and what is your previous knowledge about the topic. This will compel you to gain more knowledge about the topic.


Now you should read the topic thoroughly and carefully and highlighting every important point of the topic. You should read the topic at least thrice to get better results.

4. Recall

Now close the book and try to recall what you have studied. This will improve your memory and ultimately will allow you to get good grades in exams.

5. Revise

Within 24 hours you must review or revise the topic that you have studied. By doing this you will shift the topic from short-term memory of the brain to long-term memory. The topic that you have studied for 45 minutes now in revision you should give at least 10 minutes for effective revision.

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General methods to increase your focus in study

A good focus is one of the necessary things to study effectively otherwise you will only waste the time but will not be able to utilize the time effectively. Now I am going to tell you to increase your focus.

1. Exercise

What is better for health exercise, good food or good sleep

It is a scientifically proven fact that exercise is beneficial for your overall health and a healthy mind resides inside a healthy body. Various research articles have been written on the effects of exercise on your brain and ultimately on your focus. When you will start doing exercises daily or regularly you will observe positive changes in your memory, focus, and problem-solving skills. Any physical exercise that will increase your heartbeat rate is also beneficial for your brain.

2. Imagination

If you want to increase your focus you should imagine a scene you love the most. For example, if someone is a lover of cricket he should imagine that he is playing good cricket with his friends in a lush green cricket ground then he will get the excitement necessary to study properly. When we do the work that we enjoy a chemical known as dopamine is released which affects our mood and keeps us happy and good mood and happiness are one of the key factors to study better. If you do not have excitement then you will not be able to study properly. The other kind of imagination is also effective like you are sitting beside a lake where thousands of flowers are dancing with the wind and water is crystal clear in the lake. Such kind of scene also freshens our brain.

3. Take a bath with cold water

This technique is also very beneficial to increase your focus. The reason behind it is that our body takes cold water as a danger and our whole body is activated against that danger to encounter it. Our whole body is now under tension and this short-term tension is very effective to increase your efficiency. If you are under stress and you want immediately to get out of that stress so you just have to rinse your mouth with cold water and you will instantaneously feel the result of this super technique to avoid stress and anxiety.

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How to motivate yourself for study?

Motivation is essential to do everything and also for study to get better results but the question arises how to motivate yourself and I am going to tell you few techniques to motivate yourself:

1. Imagination

Imagination is a key factor for everything. If you can imagine properly what I am going to tell you then you will be able to motivate yourself. You have to imagine the scene in which you are getting appreciation from your family for your achievement and you have to imagine that you are very much happy at that moment and this will also increase the dopamine production and will motivate you to do hard and smart work to get better results.

2. Take breaks after regular intervals

After 45 minutes of study take a break of about five to fifteen minutes and in this break, you should eat something energetic and do some walk and stretches exercise to avoid the harmful effects of sitting for a long time and watch some comedy that will compel you to laugh and laughing is very, much important to get motivation and the to study better and ultimately to get good results.

3. Take tea or coffee

These drinks contain caffeine which has a link with your brain and it stimulates your brain and releases a good hormone to help you feel better and motivated. In the morning some people are lazy so they must take tea to avoid wasting time. These drinks if taken in a limited amount also have positive effects on your overall health because they contain antioxidants and other various useful nutrients.

4. Keep your dopamine level high

You should set goals for yourself and if you are able to achieve your goals then your dopamine level will be high and these goals should comprise of few topics so that you quickly do these topics and feel good and confident.


You should follow these techniques and tips and keep visiting this website for other useful pieces of information.

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