Emirates passport becomes the world’s most powerful passport

Calls the United Arab Emirates a tourist paradise for tourists, labourers and the unemployed. For the sake of employment in their homeland, those who travel to the UAE do not want to return. In a few years, millions of foreigners are able to make good money off of their families by earning good money.
That’s why it’s one of the most popular destinations around the world. Now Emirates has won another magnificent award. Emirates passport has become the most powerful passport in the world. Emirates Passport received this number one position in December 2018 last year. After which a year has elapsed, its first position remains intact.

According to the Gulf Times, according to the Henley World Passport Index, UAE residents can apply for their country’s passport without having to travel to 179 countries around the world without a visa.

In this way, they do not need a visa to travel to 90% of the world’s countries. By December 2018, the UAE passport could travel to 171 countries around the world. However, more countries are added to the list in 2019. Second is Germany and Finland, whose passports can be visited in 171 countries without a visa. In this regard, there are 8 countries more involved in the UAE passport than in the second ranked countries.
Other new countries that are allowed to travel without visas to UAE in 2019 include Pakistan, South Africa, Mongolia, Central Africa, Guinea, Namibia, Nigeria, Russia, South Sudan, Suriname and Uzbekistan. Are. It is important to note that UAE is the only Arab country in the world in terms of passport rankings which is not only top ten, but also top. It is hoped that the Emirates Expo will break all the world’s records regarding Dubai 2020. Certainly receiving this award is a testimony to the vision of UAE rulers.

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