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Exactly two years ago today, I analyzed the new political leaders in Pakistan’s politics, and by the grace of Allah, it has proved to be very accurate.

The election campaign was in full swing in 2013 and all the parties were collecting money from their financiers by dreaming of making a long-living after forming their government. Because “Boot” was also his peer but on the other hand Nawaz played a unique game, the captain was just cashing in on his glamor life and if he had a meeting, Nawaz would have been holding a meeting in one city, Shahbaz in another and Hamza in another. , Meaning three meetings rather than one, they exhausted the captain physically and mentally, and most of the captain’s meetings that were held came to win the meeting, not to vote, What could be more ironic is that if the captain does not speak at the meeting, the meeting flops, but N’s weight is heavier than that.

In the 2013 election campaign, the captain also raised billions of rupees with the help of the victims, which is a worldwide rule that political parties raise funds from their loved ones and pay them back after the election. Yes, but Captain Joe just wanted to cash in on his fame and charisma. In urban areas, it was successful to some extent but in rural areas as well as in Lahore it flopped badly. Except in KPK, the mood of the people of KPK has always been that they like change so the change of captain The slogan was echoed, and his government was formed in this province, but the situation in the rest of the provinces was very bad if you read the interviews and statements on election days, the captain was so optimistic about forming his government that The statements of that time seemed to be the statements of a god. And in every interview, he was willing to write on paper that the next government would be his. But the result was the opposite, and the government became the Noon League, whose anger and the only way to appease the financiers was what the people saw through the captain’s protest campaign.

Meanwhile, Noon League started trying to launch Maryam Nawaz in politics but it did not succeed as they wanted and a weak person like me did not feel any difference between the launch of Maryam and the launch of Bilawal. Meanwhile, Panama’s noise was heard and the captain’s advisers whispered in his ear, “Target Maryam Nawaz, get out and don’t leave her in the coming election so that Maryam can compete with you and all the resources.” They were put to work.

But world-renowned advisers and historians such as Mubashir Luqman, Haroon Rasheed, and Hassan Nisar saw a strange scene, that the PTI that surrounds and presents to the JTI is the one who seems to be gaining political popularity among the masses. It continued till the appearance of Maryam Nawaz. Dude, people say that if you are a political rival of someone, you should at least mention it in front of the people and yourself as much as possible. But in this case, the justices and their leaders shook the ground, which resulted in whoever spoke against him at least started listening to the captain’s rival, and on July 5, the public gave clear evidence of this. Seen with their own eyes, And the people thanked the captain that they might not have launched Maryam into politics in such a good way as Imran launched Maryam into politics out of malice.

In 2018, Imran Khan succeeded in forming his government, but his aggressive nature did not achieve the success he had been practicing for the last 22 years, despite the full support of an influential body in the government. With the advice of the most intelligent and shrewd politicians gathered, he made such mistakes that not only embarrassed Niazi but also increased his anger and frustration or unknowingly made such a mistake from his cabinet including him. Mistakes began to be made that instead of stopping the destruction of the country, it went on for a long time.

Friends and teachers always say that in politics there is no end in sight but in this case Niazi Sahib’s condition. 

” زمین جنبد نا جنبد گل محمد “

Second, there is never personal enmity in politics, but according to my friend “بوٹی” Alhamdulillah Niazi, started the work “Started paying money to involve himself in disputes” and put himself against a wall where now even those with one page are with him. In this situation, one-page companions are also on the verge of, according to comedian Mastana

” تسی اپنا سپ پھڑو میں اپنا پھڑ دا آں ” 

Niazi Sahib tried his best to erase his political rivals from the history of this country as his enemy and in this work, the people on the same page openly helped him but what was the result …That is in front of everyone.

Nawaz was taken out but the rebels came in the hands of Maryam. When Zardari was taken out, Bilawal took the driving seat. Shahbaz and Hamza were sent to jail. On the other hand, when Bilawal fell victim to a global epidemic, his seat was immediately taken over by his younger sister, and another leader was added to the tribe of politicians.

Of course, Niazi Sahib and his one page always preach that there should be no hereditary politics in the country but they completely forget that there should be politics in the country, on the strength of dictatorship Musharraf and Zia also almost ruled this country for a decade. 

Looking at the political situation in Pakistan today, the only thing that makes sense is that Niazi Sahib, due to his lack of rationality and sentimentality in politics, not only increased the difficulties for himself but he also unwittingly planted the plant of hereditary politics in Pakistan. He added that he had become a very strong tree and stood in front of him and his followers. Instead, these two parties have now appointed an astute politician to train their two political heirs and to prune this tree properly.

It remains to be seen how Niazi will talk to this plant and his caretaker in the coming days as this will determine the path to a better future for Pakistan. 

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Hassam Durrani

Columnist, Analyst, Raabta.Net, Raabta,net/urdu, Daily Frontier Post, Daily Leader, Mera Sehar Lahore, President PFUC (Punjab Wing), YouTuber. Content Writer/ Producer Current Affair Programs at Channel 5, Daily Khabrain Group. News Associate Producer at 7 News (The Aspire Group)

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