Facebook introduced the feature of medical preventions and various tests

SAN FRANCISCO: Facebook has introduced a new feature to help its customers take health precautions and different tests.

This feature called ‘Pre-Vent Health’ is currently only offered in the United States for health care measures. Perhaps it will give suggestions based on age and gender. Particular emphasis is placed on heart health, cancer screening and tests, including cholesterol tests and other things. Also, flu and cold protection vaccines will be advised.

Facebook made this feature in consultation with the American Cancer Society, the American Organization for Heart and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in this regard. In this regard, the head of Facebook Healthcare, Dr Freddy Ibnosi, said that diseases and cancer in the United States are called the first and second killer diseases. Flu is a top priority in climate diseases. We want the information to be made easy and user-friendly to solve this problem.

Dr Freddy said that when he looks at this new tool, he remembers his father, who is suffering from chronic blood pressure. But now they take every possible precaution, keeping a close eye on their blood pressure and heart disease. All of this is due to Dr Freddy’s efforts when he repeatedly calls his father and advises him to be careful. Now Freddy wants Facebook to do something similar for billions of people.

You can also share this Facebook feature with your friends and family. The experts at the back of this feature will also give you useful suggestions based on your age and disease. However, only the user will be able to see this information and medical recommendations will also be sent to him. However, they can forward this information to friends if they wish.

The tool will also provide addresses of public hospitals and clinics so that everyone can get their test done at low cost and stay healthy because not everyone in the US has access to health insurance. In the past, Facebook has introduced blood donation and vaccine-promoting tools and features.

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