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Farhan Zafar Chaudhry elected as the first President

Atiq Arshad General Secretary and Dr. Abdullah Amjad Chairperson of young microbiologists association.

The formation of the association is the result of the tireless work of Farhan Zafar, members of YMA

Lahore (Mohammad Tauqir Nasser) The first meeting of the Young Microbiologists Association was held in Faisalabad in which a large number of microbiologists participated. In the meeting, Farhan Zafar Chaudhry was elected as the first president of the association. Thousands of microbiologists are unemployed in the country while microbiologists are recognized as top scientists in other countries. Farhan Zafar Chaudhry further said that he himself is a microbiologist due to which he works day and night for this association.

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