FBISE Revised Schedule For Submission Of SSC Admission Forms

The Federal Board of Intermediate & Secondary Education (FBISE) has released an updated plan for submission of entry forms at SSC level. According to the proposed schedule, the annual examinations will begin in May 2021. Students are notified to apply their admissions forms in compliance with the current timetable given by the officials of the board of directors. The entry forms sent after 30 March 2021 will not be approved by the FBISE. It is also recommended to apply before the deadline.

Fresh Timetable of SSC Admissions

The updated timetable for applicants seeking to take part in the SSC annual exams for the next academic session is as follows.

FBISE Revised Schedule

According to the notice given to the regular candidates in both classes, Rs. 1200/-for SSC Part-I and Rs. 1200/-for SSC Part-II must be submitted.
Registered private candidates of SSC Part-I must apply Rs.1300/-and SSC Part-II candidates should pay Rs.1300/-.
Non-registered private candidates shall pay Rs. 2100/-for SSC Part-I and Rs. 2100/-for SSC Part-II.
IBBCC registered candidates must pay Rs. 2600/-and IBCC non-registered candidates should send 3400/-
Both candidates must also pay Rs. 800/-as registration fee.

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