First Fingerprint-enabled ‘Smart USB’ for Data Storage

SAN FRANCISCO: No one can steal your valuable data stored in the world’s first smart USB because it closes and opens with a fingerprint. The USB has been dubbed the Vava Touch USB, which will soon be available in one and two terabytes of capacity.

Ten people can register their fingerprints on this USB. This way a lot of confidential data can be kept hidden from others. A San Francisco-based company has put this important invention on a crowdfunding website and is fully prepared, but it may take some time in the wake of the Corona epidemic.

With fingerprint encryption, it is the world’s first state-of-the-art SSD Touch, USB, which is kept as secret as possible. No one can see the data if the fingerprint does not open. If security is to be enhanced, the password can be added along with the fingerprint.

USB LEDs are also installed. Red flashes in case of an error, blue LED works during data transfer which looks good on its modern and smooth design. Estimate the speed at which 10 GB of data is transferred from one place to another in just 20 seconds. This way it is at least five times faster than any standard hard disk. Data transfer speeds range from 480 to 540 megabytes per second. However, this speed may vary on different computers and platforms.

The Vava SSD Touch can be used for all kinds of PCs, Apple Macs, iPad Pros, Android devices, gaming consoles, cameras and tablets. A terabyte USB is priced at 14 149, while a two terabyte USB can be purchased for 26 269.

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