Five mobile games that have earned billions of dollars in 2020

Beijing: In 2020, there are five games that have grossed more than a billion dollars in 12 months.

Due to the Corona epidemic and lockdown this year, people in many countries were confined to their homes and connected to the Internet. The popularity of mobile games has increased dramatically this year. An organization, Censor Tower, has released figures showing that five mobile games have made the most profits.

At the top of the list is the well-known PubG game, which grossed a total of 2. 2.6 billion. The credit for this popular online multiplayer game goes to PubG, which became extraordinarily popular this year. According to an estimate, PubG’s revenue has increased by 64.3% compared to 2019.

It should be noted that PubG is one of the 118 Chinese games that India has banned. Pakistan had also temporarily banned the game but the PTA later lifted the ban.

In second place is the Honor of the Kings game developed by Tencent Company, which has earned $2.5 billion this year, an increase of 42.8%.

Third is Pokemon Go with a profit of 1.2 billion. Fourth is Moon Active Company’s Game Master, fifth is Roblox Game and sixth is Monster Strike.

According to experts, the popularity of these games is expected to continue this year.

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