Free air travel for life to a baby girl born during the flight

According to the Egyptian magazine Al-Yawm Al-Sabeeh, a pregnant woman on Flight MS777 from Cairo to London had to make an emergency landing at the airport in Munich, Germany, where she received medical treatment, after which the flight was diverted to London again.

During the flight to London, the pregnant woman started having labor pains, on which the flight crew decided to give birth on the plane and with the help of the flight crew, the woman gave birth to a beautiful daughter on the plane.
On the birth of the baby girl during the flight, the chairman of EgyptAir, Amr Abu Al-Ainin, issued a free lifetime travel ticket to the newborn, through which the baby girl will be able to travel to any country in the world for free on an EgyptAir flight.

Chairman Abu Al-Ainin thanked the crew for their help during the flight of the 38-year-old mother and also announced awards and certificates of appreciation for the crew.

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